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#5012729 When to start actually programming

Posted by on 20 December 2012 - 01:31 AM

Hi, I'm new here after searching the web for a little help on game development. Let me start by saying I do know a good deal of both C++ and Java experience(Junior Computer Science Major) and plan on writing my game in C++ with the allegro library. I'm not completly new to graphics programming, I've made some basic games such as Breakout and Tetris while doing studies at my university.

Now I plan on doing an independent project, which is more of a complex game. To be more specific a side scroller, almost metroid like game and i am aware of the massive scale of the project and plan to do small iterations and add on. It's mostly just a personal project that I want to do for myself and to build up something for when I'm applying to internships to show my workmanship.

Now for my main concern is not exactly how to program anything (as of yet), but rather when do I stop writing down ideas, concepts and documentations of what I will be programming and when do I actually start programming. I, at times, feel like I'm trying to be far too specific in some of my documentations and writing down every little thing I can imagine. While I know it is important to have a solid and sound idea to work off of, I just feel like I'll trap myself in the design stage and never actually get to the meat and potatos of the project.