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Too much like metroid in some aspects?

22 December 2012 - 10:50 PM

So I just started designing some aspects a current project I've recently started and as I work on it at times I feel I'm walking a too far into one of my games inspirations, metroid.  The idea of the game is sci-fi action/platformer much like metroid, but trying to get feeling of something bigger than what metroids story does.  the protagonist wears a prototype military suit that along with his main weapon is able to be outfitted with the choice of three subweapons that are implemented into the armor.  Of course the beggining of the game only has one of the weapons unlocked(as it stands of course, much is bound to change as I continue).


To make a better picture of what I plan is that players unlock different subweapons (shotguns, grenade launchers, energy weapons, etc.) based by obtaining schematics/paying research to outfit these into the armor.  Under the subweapons different ammunition types(some of which deal certain types of elemental damage that add upon the base damage and I'll get into this later) are unlocked in a similar fashion.  I also want to implement a weapon upgrade system as well (but the upgrades are to the ammunition types not the subweapon type).  I was inspired by the upgrade system and subweapons via Megaman Legends.


Now certain ammunition types will deal additional elemental damage and enemies can be categorized into types(such as armored or flesh, etc) that are strong, weak, and netural to certain elements which hopefully can add a little strategy to players choosing their weapons and upgrades.  Overall I like the idea of it all but sometimes my overall concept feel like I'm sticking to close to some of my inspirations.


Does it seem my characters design is too close to Samus/Megaman.  I feel the weapon design may be closer towards megaman (especially legends though the subweapons are different enough from legends I think it justifies it).  Thoughts and opinions would be great and I'm willing to share more if anything is confusing (I know some might be, a lot is going through my head at the moment).

When to start actually programming

20 December 2012 - 01:31 AM

Hi, I'm new here after searching the web for a little help on game development. Let me start by saying I do know a good deal of both C++ and Java experience(Junior Computer Science Major) and plan on writing my game in C++ with the allegro library. I'm not completly new to graphics programming, I've made some basic games such as Breakout and Tetris while doing studies at my university.

Now I plan on doing an independent project, which is more of a complex game. To be more specific a side scroller, almost metroid like game and i am aware of the massive scale of the project and plan to do small iterations and add on. It's mostly just a personal project that I want to do for myself and to build up something for when I'm applying to internships to show my workmanship.

Now for my main concern is not exactly how to program anything (as of yet), but rather when do I stop writing down ideas, concepts and documentations of what I will be programming and when do I actually start programming. I, at times, feel like I'm trying to be far too specific in some of my documentations and writing down every little thing I can imagine. While I know it is important to have a solid and sound idea to work off of, I just feel like I'll trap myself in the design stage and never actually get to the meat and potatos of the project.