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Yaniv Nizan

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The Gameconomist > Building an In-Game Store for the First Time? Here are the 4 Keys to Success

Posted 05 May 2013

So you have a great concept for a mobile game and you've heard that free 2 play games with in app purchase is the way to go but you are not sure where to start. Guess what? You are not alone. Designing a good in-game store is very different than designing the core of the game and many game developers are unsure about how to do it right.

Let me take you t...

The Gameconomist > In-Game Store - What's better - Free Programming or Free Design + Programming

Posted 01 May 2013

My company SOOMLA is investigating a rather interesting concept today. We all know that Free 2 Play is the way to go with mobile games and every game these days either have an in-game store or is looking to add one.The SOOMLA platform is about saving time on the development side, reducing the programming work and code maintenance work associated with the...

The Gameconomist > Announcing my Mailing List - News for Mobile Game Developers

Posted 23 February 2013

I'm very proud to announce this a initiative - The SOOMLA List   . It's a very simple Idea - Every week or so I hand pick some great articles, news I found and other very useful links about free to play game design, virtual economies and more. This way I can be in touch more directly and engage in conversations about the topics.   If you like reading my b...

The Gameconomist > Interview with Creator of Lazy Snakes, Primadawn

Posted 07 February 2013

Lazy Snakes is a puzzle game for Android that is releasing a new version these days. The game was created by Primadwan and has been featured in the Google Play App Store and had millions of installs around the world. It was also one of the first Android games to use the In-App Purchase  in them. We thought the new release will be a great opportunity to as...

The Gameconomist > The Truth Behind In-App Purchases

Posted 23 January 2013

Unless you have been living on another plant in the past 18 months, you must have heard that In-App Purchase is a great monetization model. Publications like Business Insider and others have provided a lot of data to support this claim but the reality is that the picture they painted is a bit misleading.
Let’s take a deep look into the market of mobile g...