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EWClay's Journal > Archiving C++ objects to JSON

Posted 06 April 2013

Last time I talked about serialization of C++ objects to and from an abstract archive format, using a templated interface similar to Boost Serialization. This time I want to get a little more specific and explain how objects can be converted to JSON (http://www.json.org/ ).It's quite instructive to look at JSON as a format because it maps very well the th...

EWClay's Journal > Game data and serialization

Posted 05 April 2013

Getting data into a game is a big subject and I want to talk about some of the systems I'm using in some detail, so it may take a few posts to get through it. I will narrow the subject a little first though: this is not going to be about asset loading - textures, meshes, sounds and so on. Rather it's the data that makes up the game itself, so that would b...

EWClay's Journal > Command queues

Posted 28 March 2013

Squad movement is looking ok now.Given solid pathfinding code and physics, it was already working reasonably well in that units could simply push other units out of the way to get where they wanted to go. It just didn't look that good. I chose a simple solution; as my squads are quite small I don't need anything too sophisticated.First I predict collision...

EWClay's Journal > More pathfinding

Posted 21 March 2013

Squad movement is giving me a bit of trouble.I've got it working fine for one unit, but I want to select several units together and have them move as a group, without getting in each other's way. My first thought was to pick the closest unit to the destination, make that the leader, and have the others follow. This works, but it's not the best formation t...

EWClay's Journal > Immediate mode GUI

Posted 18 March 2013

My GUI is sort of done. Well, code is never really finished, but it's functional and I'm looking at other things now.http://dtosoftware.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/an-immediate-mode-gui/ As it's almost stand-alone, I'm releasing the source too:http://code.google.com/p/scavenger-library/ It requires Visual Studio 2012 with the November 2012 compiler and Alleg...