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Game Engine Usage Cost?

17 February 2013 - 03:26 AM

So this was sort of a shock to me, as I am coming from a long time programming background that is not in the game space, but maybe its seen as normal to you with more experiences.  Either way, I wanted to ask about this and get the thoughts of everybody, because I figure maybe one of you has some insight I lack or can otherwise provide a reason for this.  And I can not learn if I do not ask, either way.


So I started t.o research different game engines and tools with an idea to work on a project, and I was amazed by the terms and price points being quoted to me.  One wanted 100k for only binaries, no support and no updates (So if I found a big bug, I was screwed).  Another wanted a 30% revenue share, to effectively take 30 cents of every dollar I made (That would be in gross, not net!).  Most refused to not provide support (one engine cited it as damage control, as apparently they get a lot of vocal people on the internet bad mouthing them who do not even know basic C++).  Some quoted me a price, then stated that was per person allowed to touch the code.  Some wouldn't quote me a price unless I signed an agreement that I wouldn't tell others the price I was given (I refused, so they wouldn't tell me the price).  Most sent me an auto-reply if I was lucky, and must have simply decided it wasn't worth replying to because I got no response,  Most of them dont seem to even want people to know the price.


Is this the standard in Game Development circles?  Are these prices so high for any specific reason, given the sheer volume of the games they could be doing? And why are the rev-share percentages so high?  The landscape doesn't seem to be very Indy friendly, and I'm having trouble understanding why this is given that anything that stops games from being successful or limits what people just starting out can do also limits their own possible market share for the things they are trying to sell, so I see such rev-share and initial costs as limiting to the engine sellers as well.  After all if only a few can afford to use their engine, they will make a lot less money.  

As ignorant as I am sure I sound, It seems very short sighted to me, and even accounting for support, dev time, etc, it seems excessive to me as the ignorant noob who just wants to make a great game and give people something they will enjoy,  Am I wrong to think this way?  What am I missing? And what are the common options?

Continue .Com Discussion?

09 February 2013 - 04:42 PM

This will be the first and only time I talk about anything related to .com version of the GameDev domain here; I'm not trying to spam so if this is against the rules please just let me know as I am taking great care not to add a link here out of respect.


I was talking to you guys before about the fact that after 14 years the .com of gamedev now has an active owner who wants to do good things with it, but our talks on how we could work together between .com and the .net just sort of trailed off.   I'm unsure why , but I wanted to again reiterate the respect I have for you all and say again that I want to find a way to work together.


To further make sure that you guys know I really want to have these talks, and to prove that I am in fact who I say I am, I have posted about this topic on my own GameDev site.


Thanks you for your time,

 - Duane

Game Programming Gems?

07 February 2013 - 10:08 PM

I was looking through the sites book listing and I noticed something I found odd and so I thought it best to ask about it. It seems "game programming" related, but if this is the wrong place to ask, please let me know.


Looking at the entire books list, if I do a search for "Game Programming Gems" I only get books 2-6, meaning for some odd reason the first book is not in the list.  May I ask why?


Is there something about that book - the first one - that makes it special or otherwise obsolete?  I'm mostly asking because I already own books 2-6 already, but have the first one on special order and am waiting for it to get here..