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#5014262 Feedback on RPG Assets

Posted by on 25 December 2012 - 04:27 PM

The mage and paladin type characters look great, I might explore some more diversity in armor design for the sake of color, lots of grey going on there. The swordsmen looks like he saw an old man fall off a bike. Not so much angry as a "yikes" and the rogue looks like he's smelling something unfortunate. Unless that's what you were going for ;D


haha! Well I suppose I need to elaborate a bit. In this RPG there will be roughly 6 different face expressions per character. The armor design is lacking due to this being their first "set" of armor. I want to try to convey that the player is literally left with nothing but some old leather armor, and will progress into better sets as he completes quests.


The mage and pally have nice sets because the player will not meet them till later in the game. I'll probably touch up on the pally's starting set though. I've always been pretty bad when it comes to colors especially for a medieval/fantasy setting. My brain keeps telling me to use dull colors for medieval/low level armor.


Thanks for the comment!