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Dan Violet Sagmiller

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In Topic: Abstracted battles/units (mego-lo-mania style)

18 April 2016 - 02:36 PM

It was a little difficult to follow your text, but I do have these responses.


1.  Would this be too simple a combat system.  

NO.   Simple is best when first making it anyway.  Once its built, its far easier to alter/modify a simple system, than a complex.  Try it as is.  You can always add features later.

 - But is it Simple?

 - - you are referring to 4 different terrain based values that each unit has strength and weaknesses in.  

 - - You specified 2 unit types, knights and spearman, but I would assume a whole gamut similar to WarCraft II of foot soldiers, spearman, knights, cavalry, etc...  assuming 10+ unit types.  

 - - You specified terrain types of atleast, but probably more than, 3.  

 - - The "Simple" you refer to, requires knowledge and understanding of at least 4*10*3, 120 variations that have an effect on a single unit on the battle field, that the player has to manage some how.  

 - - 120 variations is not what I would call simple.  

 - That being said, if you are referring to "simple" as the mode of attack, where a unit squad stands in a grid square next to another squad, and wave their weapons to emphasize an attack, no.  It is not too simple.  There are many popular games that simple say your soldiers went to battle, you lost X blah, and looted X blah.



2.  Other ideas.

 - I like the basic idea well enough, but I would love to see simple enough things have better effects.  I.e. A Catapult actually launches things.  Arrows Volley into apposing squads.  - - I.e. something that extends this, and makes the effects of fighting spread out farther visually.  They can be as cheesy or simple as you want, as long as they are somehow compelling.  I.e. Minecraft.  Simple cheesy graphics that played out well.  

 - Regarding the complexity of variations in unit/terrain/attack/move etc, I think it would be a really good idea to look at a strong color palette definition.  

 - - I.e. Earth bound shows green more, and lower on the units.  Water bound shows blue more at the bottom of the units.  etc.  Better at attack Cities, uses Reds higher on units.

 - - Not that those color choices should be chosen in specific, or even to demonstrate that info, but you have so much useful metrics, that if you can start to show it visually, it would be really helpful for the player who just scans the field quickly to get a great idea of what they are up against.

In Topic: Recommendations for Game Design Tools (for Wireframes/Layouts)

22 March 2016 - 07:59 AM

I thought about visio, which I do have, but not every team member does, and its an expensive add-on just for a light design tool (as its need is here).  I tried Libre Office Draw a while ago.  I might look back into that.


 - Thanks!

In Topic: Turn Based Combat Features

11 March 2016 - 01:21 PM

So, no items.  I.e. nothing to equip.  The change comes from selecting the monsters that will be fighting.  Each on having (I assume) a very limited and very focused nature.  


Here are a few loose thoughts.


1) Perhaps the ability to change a character mid fight.  Perhaps with some stipulation, like their health must be maxed, and that monster uses their action for the round.


2) You didn't express much about the options they do have, So here are a few considerations.

 - use a round to power up any action, I.e. Wind up for a punch, so the punch does 3X damage.

 - Take a Hit for/from X.  Some monsters might be really strong at taking a beating.  Perhaps you could have them guard a character, so an enemy has to hit them first.  Or perhaps they could defend from a particular enemy, no matter who it is going after.


3) Perhaps you could have it be 1 on 1, but with X number of characters that could switch out as their action.  And first to no characters left, or first loss, loses.


4) if it is multiplayer, FF timer would be great, so you don't have to wait on X player to make their attack decision.


5) Do the monsters Get XP from being in a fight?  Perhaps team up a weaker monster with a pair of veterans, and take on something easier, so it gains XP.


Another consideration though, is the differences between Desktop and Mobile.  I.e. Mobile players are typically looking for something they can start in a few seconds, and drop at any instance.  I.e. waiting in line, board for a moment, just wasting time.  When compared with desktop/console, the play style is usually more engaging/in depth.   Not making any suggestions, but just keep the modes of game play in mind when targeting systems.

In Topic: How to track Fun?

11 March 2016 - 01:04 PM

Thanks, the video was insightful.  I wasn't entirely looking for a general overview of playtesting and who to use.  I was hoping for was how people track this information and how to organize it.  Particularly I'm looking for feed back from others who have been through this.  The video gave me a few more ideas on what to track, but I still feel disorganized.


For instance, I know that having more metrics earlier is better, but I don't necessarily know what to track.  For instance, "fun" is such a vague term,  which is why I plan on tracking it like "More Fun", "Same Fun" and "Less Fun", but I'm wondering what other metrics I should use, potential alternatives to clarify "fun" and any advice on organizing this into useful plans.


- Thanks!

In Topic: Best Systems for 3D Modeling, Texturing, Terrain Generation, Light Maps, Anim...

18 November 2015 - 10:50 AM

Thanks!  I haven't finished reading your post, but I'm just responding that #6, "Unlighting Textures" I was referring to removing light from photos so you can get cleaner textures for surfaces and add the lighting in game.  I'm not even sure if there are any good tools for that one.  Aside from a general paint editing app.


Also, no, I'm not looking for a universal app to do all of it.  I just want to know what some of the move common/respected tools in the industry are.