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Dan Violet Sagmiller

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In Topic: What would make a game better for the arcade?

13 July 2016 - 12:11 PM

I just thought of putting on a Kinnect, and getting a count of how many people are watching.  The more people start showing up, the more it adds effects.  if people start walking away, add some boost to sound effects to draw them back.   I never really thought of crowd manipulation before.  

In Topic: Game goal in open-world ww2 naval/pirate game?

12 July 2016 - 08:07 AM

Another goal could be Reward for confirmed kill.  I.e. you've become well enough known that your enemy's are targeting you.  Additionally Reward for confirmed kill could be reversed.  I.e. Bounty for enemy npc's.

In Topic: Game goal in open-world ww2 naval/pirate game?

12 July 2016 - 08:05 AM

perhaps you could also have time commanding a variety of lower level ships.  After piloting all of them for atleast X time or missions, it opens new missions for you,  I.e. This mission requires 2 destroyers, a battle ship, and 20 transport barges.  You need time commanding all of them, before you get to control them all at the same time.  (maybe not the barges though, or the missions with them would be smaller, like loading/unloading, docking, etc...   Particularly navigating an island shore to get vehicles unloaded.)  


I also like the idea that at any point in the game, you can focus on a particular craft.  (boat, plane, sub, tank) and take control, at least in some part.  

In Topic: Game goal in open-world ww2 naval/pirate game?

12 July 2016 - 07:02 AM

to support an open world, you will have to consider timing issues, short cutting travel, etc...   I.e. once you commission a new ship, it could take months before it shows up.  


In WWII, one consideration might be paving an airport on a tiny island.  In WW2, these pacific island airstrips were vital for shortening the distance for aerial attacks.  But it meant intense battling to gain and control airstrip worthy land.  But once that is done, it makes sense that you would be "granted" control of a carrier at that time.  


Additionally, you could start lower in command, controlling a destroyer in a group of ships.  I.e. have plenty of battle going on, but you get isolated objectives in battle, and can witness larger ships and strategies.  Then as you do well, you rank up, and control more ships, and get sent on missions where you are given more control.


Additional objectives, taking over an island airfield with as little damage as possible.  (make it useful sooner)  aside from repair time, you have the expense of fixing it.  money that could be spent on more weapons/troops/vehicles.


Also, Moral could play a major part of it.  after a good victory, (or island party to unwind) your sailors are refreshed and feeling more confident and capable, will handle better, aim better, react faster.  


It could also be that if you are commanding a large force (many ships) your strategy plays a major role, but the ships still have their own decisions internally.  They will try to follow orders, but sometimes its just not reasonable.  And that point where they decide to do their own thing could happen sooner if your strategy sucks.


Maybe you could also "claim" ships.  I.e. take them over with out sinking them.  By focusing on weapons, then boarding.  You could use these pirated ships to launch sneak attacks, gain intel and more.  For instance the longer your pirate ship goes undetected, the longer you get advanced messages about the fleet.  I.e. they still trust their decoding devices.

In Topic: What would make a game better for the arcade?

11 July 2016 - 06:40 AM

"I've got to keep playing or else I lose OUR progress"


I really like that mentality.  "Our progress".  That brings up the social appeal quite well.  


it's good if people can help each other out without getting in each other's way



Also a great point.  Promoting team work.  I just had ideas popping into my head to use the notion of their interference with each other.  For instance, I'm imagining Mario and Luigi running through a level.  Normally they would run by each other without interaction, but what if Mario Jumped on Luiji, and if they press jump again, it smushes luigi, Mario goes flying up higher than a normal jump, but they are tethered together then.  As soon as mario lands on the higher platform, Luigi is quickly tugged behind, and lands next to mario in his original health.  I'm liking this notion of interactions, but only positive.  Of course there is the idea that if mare misses the platform, he could pull Luigi into the pit.  So it would need mechanics/fun considerations.