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In Topic: Project start

31 December 2012 - 05:07 AM

I think that everyone missunderstood me...


At first:

  • I do not think that I can finish this project in a week or an month or a year. I know that it will certainly take years to finish such a project!
  • I know that I do not have enough knowledge yet to do such a project!
  • I have 6 people who help me. 3 programmers(all 3 over 20 and working), 1 2D Graphic artist and 2 3D artists. I know that such a project can't be done by one person!
  • I know that it will surely cost!

I acceded this forum in hope to find some help for my project. To plan it before I start. And mabe to find some voluntary helpers.


This should not be against "Servant of the Lord" or "0r0d"! I just wanted to say this because in other forums nobody helped me and everyone designated me as a kiddy and sayed that an MMORPG is an impossible project.


And finally thanks to Servant of the Lord. You helped me a lot.


Crystal Space is a mature, full-featured Software Development Kit (SDK) providing real-time 3D graphics for applications such as games and virtual reality. It is free (LGPL) and cross-platform (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X).

So Crystal Space is LGPL as you already mentioned =)


I thought about using Torque 3D because it has full support for networking and they made a big tutorial on how tu use its features in the most effective way.

Also the MIT license seems very good to me because it offers me more freedom in making my game.


Finally another queston wink.png

  • Are there also good(free) programms to make an overwiev of the games structure?

Kind Regards


In Topic: Project start

30 December 2012 - 01:02 AM



First I want to thank you for your help.



1. It depends (platform, developer knowledge, etc)

I have experience in C++, C# and Java. Since February I programmed for a big WoW Private Server(C++).



DirectX might be easier to use, but they are about equal in speed, and DirectX only officially works on Windows.

I've already made some 3D scenerys with DirectX, animated them and let the Player navigate in these.


GNU is an organization, not a license. GNU, the organization, has two major licenses: LGPL and GPL. Without getting into the technical details, GPL will make it a bit harder to profit on your game in the classical "I give you game, you give me money" sense.

Sorry for that typo.


Do you already know how to program in C++? If not, you are getting way in advance of yourself.

Yes I know how to programm in C++. I only asked because I couldn't find any tutorials etc. on making game servers.

I already figured out how to make a simple C++ TCP Server and let it communicate with an SQL server.


I've been thinking about two servers:

A login server, which accepts the incoming connections, gets your username and md5 decoded password, returns an answer with the ip of the world server and gives your login information to the world server to prepare for you and load the required data.


A world server, which is the game server and is used for chatting, moving etc.


All the user and world informations will be stored in a SQL Database.


You don't need the professional version - the express version is perfectly fine for commercial projects, and isn't limited in the restraining ways most software 'express' versions usually are.


I already have Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010 and to my knowledge you are not allowed to release games with Visual Studio Express. At times I worked for a MMORPG Project as 3D developer and everyone was obliged to use Visual Studio Professional or higher because the licenses.


Not too many, unfortunately. That is one of the things you learn through experience through the half-dozen full games you create before you create a MMORPG. MMORPGs are very very very difficult projects.


I wanted to know whether there are tutorials how professional developers manage such projects. Because I would not describe myself as a professional developer. I want to use this project to improve my abbilitys in programming C++, using DirectX and networking.


Your written english is very good - almost perfect, so no worries.

I'm from Germany and this is the first time(excluding programming) that I really need to write in english.


Kind Regards