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In Topic: Is the Eve Online style time based leveling up system good or bad?

Today, 09:34 AM

I 've played a few MMO's where you had to do something to get your skills up.

Usually, it meant i had to log in once or more a day and expend my "action-points" which tends to get boring after a month or so,

the whole having to log-in/play on a regular basis to stay competitive becomes annoying and the grind becomes repetitive,

at the same time if i wanted to play the whole day, well, there was interaction(communication) with other players but these games tend to lack other types of content.


Time-based leveling seems a good system in accomodating the player.

Off course, this model works best in a pay-to-play model, or a pay-to-level-up model,

as to discourage inactive characters just to grind levels.

In Topic: Designing a central goal in exploration games without RPG elements.

16 April 2014 - 10:47 PM

Well...the game doesn't have combat.

Yeah, you can use the system for non-combat equipment(or abilities) that fit into your game.

The point was to create a bunch of "grinds"(different types of equipment) to keep the player interested,

but the player only needs to do one of those "grinds" in order to progress/compete,

while a player who does them all only has the advantage of switching between different set-ups.

(carefull, if the game is F2P with premium content and you want that content to also not interfere in the

balance of the game, my suggestion could possibly make premium content obsolete for the player)

In Topic: [Game Mechanics][Theoretical] Income/Resource Allocation in a unique, made-fo...

15 April 2014 - 03:37 AM

Capture the flag is something better suited for a fast-paced shooter.

In Topic: Designing a central goal in exploration games without RPG elements.

14 April 2014 - 09:08 AM

Maybe implement equipment with levels, where the highest level of equipment is, say, level 10, which will be roughly twice as effective as level 1 equipment.
(fire-armor; negate fire-damage & +1 defense/level, raincoat; negate water-damage, 2 defense & +1 defense/level)
That way players only need to grind a little to get decent equipment, but they can still stay entertained by getting all available types of equipment to level 10.

In Topic: Designing a central goal in exploration games without RPG elements.

13 April 2014 - 07:02 AM

No RPG, deserted island, no combat ..... maybe have the player find an old book on the island so he'll have something to read ? :P


What kind of challenges *do* you want the player to overcome ?

Finding and combining items is a nice puzzle, but if that is the only/main challenge for the player i 'd go with Sunandshadow's suggestion and add plenty of NPCs for variety.


Maybe look at some of the later Zelda-games (windwaker ?)

They're not realy RPGs, the player doesn't gain XP and he doesn't outfit skills/equipment to match enemy composure,

but the game does give needed skills/equipment to unlock the next part of the campaign and fight new enemies,

(and only makes the player stronger through increased health which enables the player to not realy having to fight "old" enemies if he runs into them and thus focus more on the new enemies.)

There 's plenty of NPCs as well, and the player has to travel from island to island(windwaker), but some of the islands are uninhabitated as well.

Point being, the game(s) are adventures, but that hasn't stopped the creators from implementing some of the features you wanted to avoid in light-modus.