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[SOLVED] Query Devices in D3D11

30 December 2012 - 12:41 PM

Hi there,


I'm not familiar with D3D11 but for my C++ AMP application I need to query the available devices, choose one that is not connected to a display to use it as a dedicated accelerator, and to turn off the TDR for that device.


This blog post discusses how to create a D3D11 device with TDR turned off. My problem is that I don't know how to choose the correct pAdapter parameter (an adapter without a display).


I tried to find the solution on MSDN, I think I should enumerate IDXGIAdapter2 and store the available adapters on an std::vector<IDXGIAdapter2*>, then use GetDesc2 on each element in the vector to get a DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC2 structure, then read its Description data member.


The problem is that there is no example or guidelines on how to enumerate IDXGIAdapter2. Two examples with descriptions exist but they are for IDXGIAdapter and IDXGIAdapter1.


So I would like to ask you guys to kindly help me or give me some hints on how to query the available devices and check their description.


Thanks in advance smile.png