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In Topic: Quick and no doubt often repeated question...

31 December 2012 - 02:48 PM

If you would like to make something simple in C# ... I recommend downloading Visual C# Express and Microsoft XNA Studio (I believe you need either VS 2008 and XNA 3.1, or 2010 and XNA 4, your choice).


You may have a point, I hadn't really looked at XNA (somehow I was convinced it was XBOX onle...).


Thanks for that.

In Topic: Quick and no doubt often repeated question...

31 December 2012 - 01:15 PM

If you have 2 programmers you'll get 3 opinions.

C# supports DirectX, though if you disliked Java I'll warn you that C# is basically Microsoft's C-flavored answer to Java. YMMV

SDL has a C# flavor as well as C/C++, if you're interested in checking that out. It's really up to you to decide what you like. There's nothing wrong with SDL if you just want to make games with minimal fuss.


I disliked Java primarily because of how it was introduced to me as a student, and subsequent experiences with Java interfaces... :D Perhaps unfair but still.. My coding skills were never fantastic, and have been eroded through time and lack of use. I understand C++ might be a little bit of a strain to try and pick up after all this time but I don't know, thats for sure. It was more for the sake of not reinventing the wheel with regards to the libraries that something like SDL gives.


Blitz is still around and a very capable product.


This tube channel has tutorials for a lot of the basic games like Pong and Breakout.


I noticed that but I think a secondary reason behind all this is to get a little foundation in programming in general, as in anyones career.. you never know.


Thanks for the advice, I spent a quiet afternoon in work doing a bit more background research and there seems to be oodles of resources and help online regardless of language/platform which is massively reassuring!