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#5136727 Need advice for 2d platformer tiles and resolution

Posted by latch on 06 March 2014 - 02:42 AM

64 pixels will result in almost 17 rows of your tiled screen. Seems like they would be a bit small.


In this post, you can see my screen has about ten tiles vertically.


My current project has like 6:



Best thing is to build it and scale it dynamically like you said- I calculate the scale based on the detected screen resolution. This bit of code show how the scale controls the size and mx,my tracks the background against foreground. A parallax effect can be achieved with an overlay which moves proportionally with background but slower.

Rect.Initialize((c*128-mx)*scale, (l*100-my+10)*scale, (c*128-mx+128)*scale, (l*100-my+110)*scale)

PPI is irrelevant as it will differ based actual real world screen size.

#5135760 Blender for making Games?

Posted by latch on 01 March 2014 - 07:00 PM

Low Poly is popular these days so I started this game because of the style and the idea of game play has grown as I've designed the elements.



All in Blender.

#5131878 Blender for making Games?

Posted by latch on 16 February 2014 - 07:37 PM

You can see I do a bunch of Blender stuff one can see in these threads:



And an increase in skill as I went on my youtube:


Most of my apps and games have some Blender in them:



Now that I have been using Blender for 2 years(on and off in bursts), I have become an intermediate in terms of skill.


Someone suggested I use a 'real' 3d program presumably because he saw a bit of potential in my work.


I've watched a couple tutorials of professional cgi programs and the workflow seems bizarre and not very quick. Their interface is more mature and there are features of it I like, but after that bit of research I chose to stay with Blender. Where I ever to make a living with cgi, I would reconsider relearning how to model, animate and composite in a  new program.


It can't be that hard- just like learning another programming language.

#5091781 How can I move an object with keyboard and the camera follows it

Posted by latch on 05 September 2013 - 07:39 AM

This example is in b4a and psuedocode but the logic is the same.


I scroll by tracking the x,y for the character and the mx,my for the map like so:

sub maintimer
If (x-mx)*scale>w*.75 Then px=speed                                Scroll map when needed
If (x-mx)*scale<w*.25 Then px=-speed
If (x-mx)*scale>w*.29 AND (x-mx)*scale<w*.71 Then px=0
If (y-my)*scale>h*.90 Then py=speed
If (y-my)*scale<h*.10 Then py=-speed
If (y-my)*scale>h*.35 AND (y-my)*scale<h*.75 Then py=0
end sub

Sub Surface_Draw(ac As AcceleratedCanvas)
ac.DrawBitmapWithMatrixAt(crate,(c*128-mx)*scale, (l*128-my)*scale, True)


end sub

Basically the map or background gets drawn on mx,my and the character gets drawn at x-mx,y-my, If the character gets near the edge of the screen, the map coordinates move until the character is back in the center.


This is the game I'm talking about and its a WIP:


You can download the latest build if you have an Android device.

#5087165 is there a recommended canvas to draw in photoshop ?

Posted by latch on 18 August 2013 - 08:02 PM

Sprites should not be more than 1600x1600.


I kid because I love!


You should use as few pixels as you can get away with. I use a higher resolution(in powers of two) than I need in case for some reason I ever need to zoom in.


In my case, I target mobile devices so if my sprite will be 32 pixels high, I'll use a source file that is no bigger than 128x128. Image size effects performance on a phone where the memory is limited- both storage and system.

#5084956 What is wrong on my Turtle Animation ?

Posted by latch on 11 August 2013 - 10:18 AM

It looks like he lifts up on one leg like he's doing a pimp walk. If that is purposeful, then it looks great. If not, then just fix that one frame.

#5076003 Android game development?

Posted by latch on 07 July 2013 - 06:42 PM

I would probably rule out Gamemaker Studio if you wanted to make things other than games, but the advantage is you write the code once and it ports to many platforms with little effort. I personally would have considered using it if I wasn't already deeply entrenched in B4A. I think its pretty cool.


HTML5 is up and coming and you can write the code once and put it in different wrappers for the different platforms, but the support as not as seamless.


This article talks about coronaSDK:


It says it's limited but if you are devoted to LUA, it may be the way to go for you.


The actual java code for my game, Hail of Gunfire, is 4800 lines of code. My B4A code that I wrote is only 2500 lines and the java code is ugly gibberish.


I ported all my games and apps to BlackBerry and made $3000 and got 6 devices from them for free. I also had a client pay me $500 to write a upd transmitting status board app.


Not bad for spending $100 to get started January 2012.


Here is the link if you are interested.

#5075473 Android game development?

Posted by latch on 05 July 2013 - 09:43 AM

I just reviewed a game by a 13 year old on my blog: http://unkandapps.blogspot.com/2013/06/strategic-labyrinth-lite.html


B4A is 'easy' for Anddev and it can handle even advanced tasks like hardware acceleration, database connectivity, etc. and the support is far above par. The game in my signature was written in B4A.

#5071910 How do you design a City?

Posted by latch on 21 June 2013 - 06:51 PM

Blender City Generator makes a city with one button.


Here's a video I made of one with no textures and some interesting lighting:



This one has simple textures:



#5068583 Offer to buy source code.

Posted by latch on 10 June 2013 - 12:15 AM

Here's how I answered:

Hi there,

That game took 140 hours to produce and my discounted rate for android programming is $60 per hour(regular rate is $150). So to me, the game is worth $8400(discounted) $21000(regular price). Is this your website? http://*********.blogspot.com/ (his empty blog I found)
I also found his google play account and here is the performance of one of his two apps:
30 days, over 100000 installs? Doesn't look like organic growth in popularity to me. It's got 532 reviews and 776 google +1s already.
I'd like to get his marketing strategy if its not shady, but I bet it is. His google plus account has only 6 in his circles and his youtube only has 2 videos about different games neither of which are published under his name on Google Play but another website lists his name with one of them. Too much weirdness for me.

#5068495 Offer to buy source code.

Posted by latch on 09 June 2013 - 03:57 PM

Here is an email I got about one of my android games today:


I want to make a deal with you. I'm ready to pay $500-$1000 for the source code of this application (named in email subject). Note that I'm planning to publish it as is after adding Arabic labels. 
You still have the right to keep your copy published if you like, after you sell the game code and resources.


I don't know what to think about this.

#5058504 Is there anything faster than A* pathing?

Posted by latch on 01 May 2013 - 09:36 PM

Really the title says what I'm asking- clear, concise and correct.

#5044034 The games that everybody writes.

Posted by latch on 17 March 2013 - 02:55 PM

What are games you see written over and over again?


Here's my list to get you started:


Snake/Tron lightcycle

Tic Tac Toe

Pocket Tanks(power and angle shooter like angrybirds)