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#5016836 Not sure where to start

Posted by on 02 January 2013 - 03:13 PM

Thanks for the replies, guys!


All the languages in the world wont help you make a game, it you dont know how to use them correctly. Study up on the fundamentals of game developing. Its basically a load of different methods of doing certain things which are required in games: movement, collision, physics, database, ext... Very usefull stuff. I must admitt its tempting to skip over this stuff but it is extremely useful.


I've already studied the theoretical part of games, but I agree with you, it's very useful!


What I did when I first started out was to think of a few simple games I like (like pong or snake) and then write down the elements I like most.


For example instead of making a direct copy of snake or tetris you could have a snake which you can use to form shapes then when pressing a button have the snake drop down like a tetris block. Its not really about the complexity of games but more about having fun and creating unique gameplay. Which I personally think is most important.


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Sounds like fun, I think I'll give it a try smile.png