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#5017029 Advice regarding language choice - 2D Top Down Strategy

Posted by on 03 January 2013 - 03:50 AM

Hey guys, looking for some advice here regarding picking up a programming language to run with and start my *amazing* dev career... *cough cough*.


Seriously though, ive been looking at Python and Java, and a couple of other smaller programming languages, but cannot decide what to dedicate studying time to learning enough to begin seriously writing code.


A brief overview of the plan, and my current skills:


2D Top Down Singleplayer (For the beginning) Strategy game, player controls a single character. Long term campaign over a large, single map. RPG elements ie levelling up, equipment upgrades etc.


My skills: Basic knowledge of C++, Good Sprite artistry, Quick Learner.


Games that I am attempting to emulate the style/feel of:


Starfarer - http://fractalsoftworks.com/

Gratuitous Tank Battles - http://www.gratuitoustankbattles.com/


Essentially, once ive decided which language to go with, I will study up and learn it as quick as possible through web guides and e-books, and figure out how to create the world and the player calling up Sprites that I have been building.


Any help / advice would be much appreciated!!