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Do Lua scripts have sense in python-written game?

15 February 2013 - 02:33 PM

Well for C++ written games using Lua scripts for easy changing ai, quets etc is very reasonable and it's common. However now I'm going to write a game in pure python and I don't know if I should use Lua. Python itself is very high level script language. However, there are things to consider why I could use lua scripts:

1) Lua is commonly used for game scripting and other people who will work with me know Lua and don't know python

2) Python module to embed lua code into python uses very fast JIT compiler so the lua code actually would be much faster than python code (big plus for AI)

3) It would separate the game engine itself (Python) from the scripted logic (Lua)

Do python games use Lua? Is it a resonable thing or I should just stick to pure python? I need some advice because I have no idea.