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Raptor Kwok

Member Since 05 Jan 2013
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Choice of Programming Language: Frontend for a turn-based single player game

05 January 2013 - 08:55 AM

I am working on a turn-based single player game. Requirements:

  • Sprites move & rotate in turn
  • No need 3D
  • able to view it in mobile (can separate into 2 languages, one for desktop, one for mobile)
  • connect to server-side to save & load game data
  • server-side is written in PHP5 & MySQL
  • Apache web server (with Ruby-on-Rail & Perl support)

I have the following choices of programming languages:

  • Flash / ActionScript 3 : it was the best game frontend programming language. It was, but it is fading out
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails ? my web server supports this, but I'm not sure if it fits
  • LUA ? same
  • HTML5 + JavaScript + CSS : good fit for animations, not good to guard from game hackers
  • Objective-C / Java with Cocos2D / Cocos2D-x : a promising game engine for iOS & Android, but it is mobile only
  • Silverlight / C# / XNA / WMF : Microsoft's Flash replacement. Mine is a Linux server, so can't.
  • OpenGL + C++ : it is supported in modern browsers, but development time may be longer
  • Unity 3D or other game engines with browser plugins : possible, but I prefer a free solution. Also, I only need 2D.

Game Developers, please advise.