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Monsterra - An Announcement For All

25 January 2013 - 11:09 AM



Monsterra is coming to you soon!


Consoles Available: PC


Visit the thread: Official Thread


Copyright 2013 Leikaru Game Development. All Work Developed By Leikaru is exclusively his and is not to be copied by anyone whatsoever, without clear permission. Any copies shall be immediately reported.


24 January 2013 - 01:35 PM



Before I begin to talk about this game, I would like to say a few things. Feedback is appreciated, but please don't react badly and call this a copy of Pokémon, which leads me onto the next part. This is not a copy of Pokémon at all. It has some features based of Pokémon, but a lot of the game is entirely different. Note this game will contain some mild violence, but I would rate it around 12+. Another thing, don't be immature and dish it all out, 'cause you may get it right back. If you can take it, then give it, otherwise, don't even say it. That's common sense mainly.




The world is an amazing place. However, far away, in possibly a different universe, another land sits. Another world sits. Another possibility of amazing life, never seen in a Earthling's eyes. These marvellous creatures are called Monsterra. They are amazing creatures, some powerful, some playful, and some just darn annoying. However, every single one of these are based around one. This 'one' was the creator. The creator of Time, Space and Life. This Monstrosity was called Arknell. Being the creator, it is the most powerful that ever existed. Arknell's job was to create the universe, and begin Life, Time and Space. He did that. He created Zeitlineal, ruler of Time, and Espace, ruler of Space. Then there was life to think about. He didn't know how it happened, but it did. In between Zeitlineal and Espace appeared a glowing light, and that light formed a little egg. In that egg, the final two of the Group of Five. The egg cracked, and outside appeared only one. It was Vita, the ruler of Life. Slowly, appeared what was meant to be the 5th, but instead, a ball of rock appeared, but slowly, it took form, and showed itself to be Erderra, or the Land Mover. Altogether, there was 5, Arknell, Zeitlineal, Espace, Vita and Erderra. The 5 split into two groups, Arknell, Zetlineal and Espace were called the Creation Trio, and Vita and Erderra were called the Earth Duet. They were the original five, and gained the name, Sacred Monsterrainsa, or Sacred Monsterra for short. Then, Zeitleneal created Time, Espace created Space, and Arknell loomed over, making sure everything was alright. Vita created life. Erderra couldn't do anything until Arknell created the earth. Erderra was punished severely for being impatient, and thus the 6th Sacred Monsterra was born, called Aqcuasser, the water creator, and land destroyer. But only now was the earth created. Land was formed, and Water was spread. However, there was no atmosphere, and so, the 7th Sacred Monsterra was born, it's name was Aeridon, or the Dragon of the North. It created clean air, and the layer protecting it from destruction, the Ozone Layer. Thus, the world of Monsterra was born.




Notice: To Prevent this post being huge, I have put the storyline into spoilers. It's not much right now, but it will be HUGE. Seriously, the storyline plot is huge, it could take a while reading it. I may attach it to a file though.






C# Tutorials - For Unity

13 January 2013 - 09:59 AM

Hi. I've been looking for C# Tutorials everywhere, and cannot seem to be able to find any. Could you please tell me a good, detailed C# Tutorial Series. With Unity if you could. I know how to use Unity, just not how to Script, and I really wish to learn them. Any help is appreciated.




Kingdom Empires - A Game Idea

12 January 2013 - 10:45 AM

Kingdom Empires

Rule Your Nation the Way You Want It To

Welcome to this thread. First of all, I just want to say this is an idea. Not a game in development. If it was, then I would tell you. Anyway, there are no screenshots, but I take it you can read. As well as that, if you have any suggestions, I'd be quite happy to look at them. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
What Is Kingdom Empires?
Kingdom Empires is a game where you can gather resources in your world to build the kingdom of your dreams. You can build villages, mines, and Wood-Chopping Areas (the name is currently out of my head), but it all costs something. At first, all you have is 200 Wood, which is just enough to build a Wood-Chopping Area. Then, with the gold you have (1000 at first), you must hire workers, who wish to be paid for their duties. They give you wood. Once you have 500 wood, you can build a Crafting Area, where you can build equipment. You then decide to build them axes, which enables you to chop the wood faster. Then, you can build Mines, Farms, and once you have all the resources, you can finally build your first building, in just under 10 minutes. Fortunately, that's just in time before night falls. Which means, you have just enough time to persuade somebody to buy the house. You choose the price of the house. From 100 Gold, to 1,000,000 Gold, it's completely up to you. However, the lower the price, the more interest their is, so if this is your first house, why not make it a cheap 250 gold? Somebody will have interest straight away. You've got someone settled in? Good. That means you know at least one family will survive the night. It's a simple game; gather resources, build equipment, build buildings. Really, it's not too hard. However, sometimes, Monsters attack Villages, or even another Nation. Yes, another neighboring nation may invade you, and then you have to defend yourselves, with as many guards as you want. Then, it's up to your guards.




  • Gather Resources; loads of ores and resources to find, smelt and use!
  • Make up laws for your nation, and find the people that break the laws.
  • Different Races. At the start of the game, you can choose a race, between Human, Elf, Lizardman, Catman or Troll. Depending on the race, you can have different laws.
  • Rivalry System between Empires: Anger another Empire, you become rivals, and therefore, you have more of a chance of being invaded. Same goes for the other way around.

More Coming Soon. Sorry it isn't very detailed, but the game is still just an idea.

I have a game idea... what do I do first?

10 January 2013 - 12:03 PM

Hi. I'm relatively new to here, so if I posted it in the wrong place, then sorry. Basically, I have a game idea, and have got it down a document so I don't forget it. My question is, what would I do once the idea is in my head? I mean, for a few years it will probably be a game idea, because I'm still learning how to program. Any help is appreciated.