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Making a multi-character game

15 January 2013 - 03:41 PM

I want to make a game, and when i was playing with a software for First Person Shooter games, i had the thought to make a game about a character from a manga that I read and really liked. But the problem was, that the character was not the main character, nor was any one character in the story the center of the story for long. This proposed the idea to make the game about all seven of the main characters. The manga in question is the recently ended manga, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. (I provided the wiki instead of anything else because I felt that you would prefer to just look up information that i don't give you, instead of reading through the entire manga or watching the anime, as you might still get clueless)


The manga in question is about a kid and his six friends who get strung up and pulled into a series of adventures involving the mafia. Laughably, the plots themselves rarely involve anything mafia related, and no controversial topics (Prostitution and/or drug trafficking, money laundering, etc.), instead making it just about assassins and gang related violence. But the story itself is good, and I wanted to make an interactive game that gave the player the choice of playing as any one of the seven main characters. 


I have a pretty good idea on what to do for some of them, but a major problem I have is with Kyoya Hibari and Ryohei Sasagawa. Ryohei is a problem because not only is his involvement in the story the shortest, but his skill set is also the shortest. His only skill set is healing and boxing, having no weapons/tools to use except for boxing gloves and booster shoes for flying. He does little to nothing in regards to the plot, compared to the rest of them, but his involvement is too great to just leave out. Plus, i feel like if I use the rest of them, and not Ryohei, I might be being mean to a fictional character. 


The other problem is with Hibari. Hibari has the second least amount of screen time in the manga, but his performance in the story is the greatest. He is regarded as one of the biggest bad@$$es (Biased opinion) in manga and it would be impossible not to use him. Unfortunately, his fightng style is a mixture of melee combat, and ranged combat, with no guns ever being used around him. He uses tonfas for close combat, and throws spiked hedgehogs that supersize into giant rampaging bulldozers that mow down his enemies. He also gets access to an assortment of secondary weapons, like a super long chain to attack long range with, handcuffs that he uses for an entire fight, he basically uses unconventional weapons all the time. This makes designing game play around him even harder than around Ryohei. 


Now, it might be easier to just make him use a tonfa, and maybe swing a chain if you hit the write number of combo hits, but then he starts to feel like Ryohei, as both would just be basically punching the enemy into submission. 


What I'm looking for is help in figuring out how to make game play around these guys. I understand that some corners will need to be cut, but i want to figure out the best way to do this, and I can't figure out how to do this best.