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Dan Miller

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In Topic: Portfolio and resume review

10 January 2013 - 03:30 PM

Thank you frob, I think your criticism and advice is exactly what I needed. I've been showing my resume and portfolio to non-programmers and it's seemed to hurt me more than help. I'll go ahead and clarify a few things on my resume in hopes that you or someone can offer more advice:


Reign Legend of Godric is what I consider to be my first real game. I put the team together with two other friends and 3 other students back when we were still in school. When the project started out I was doing mostly producer type task (assigning people work, getting the team together, discussing design ideas, ect.). About half way through the project one of the two programmers on the team flaked out and I decided to fill their role. I became the second programmer on the project and at the same time lead the team through development. This is when I decided that I wanted to pursue programming full time for game development. Because it was such a small team I did everything from 3D art to programming the tutorials. It's obvious from your response that I really need to frame my experience on this project to be more programmer-centric. 


PORTS was basically a team of students lead by a few professors who worked on the administrative side of things. I was paid for this and originally started out doing 3D models. When we got more funding the decision was made to increase the team size and I moved into the 'art director' role. With the bigger team size i was more involved with meetings and people that were hired by the US DOE. So on this project I did absolutely 0 programming, so my big question is: is it worth it to keep on my resume / portfolio to show that I can hold a job and work well with others? or should I scrap it?


I think a major step I need to take is to start hosting my current and future hobby projects on git to show more code samples and give a better impression to potential employers about my coding ability. Thanks again for taking the time to rip me apart. 

In Topic: Portfolio and resume review

10 January 2013 - 01:04 PM

That make's a lot of sense, thanks for the reply. Would you suggest I pick and pull certain scripts from each project and host them on gitHub to highlight different areas or put entire projects that show multiple scripts that work together but may contain some single function scripts.