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In Topic: WinAPI WNDPROC to Engine/Game MessageHandler

25 January 2016 - 06:04 AM

Another way is to capture messages in the main loop when returned from GetMessage/PeekMessage.


This is in general not an option, since Windows sometimes uses an internal message loop instead of the applications loop, e.g. when a menu is opened, the window is resized, when a modal dialog is shown...

In Topic: C++ exceptions

20 January 2016 - 03:09 AM

C# pretty much uses this solution -- it doesn't force you to list the exceptions in a specifier like this, but the compiler can figure out the full list of potentially thrown errors for you, so I'm happy to use exceptions in C#.

Kind of off topic, but:

Can you elaborate on this? I've been working with C# for years and don't know of such a functionality. How can I get such a list of potentially thrown exceptions?

(I'm not talking of 3rd party tools like Exception Reflector or Ghost Doc.)

In Topic: Creating a Sphere from a Cube

15 September 2014 - 02:38 AM

Not quite sure if I understand you completely, but it seems to me that the underlying problem is this:

It is impossible to cover a sphere with undistorted squares, equilateral triangles, hexagons etc. E.g. with a subdivided cube, there will be 8 corners (the original corners of the cube) with 3 edges, but all other corners have 4 edges. If you start with an icosahedron and subdivide with triangles, you will have corners with 5 and corners with 6 edges.

In Topic: forget c++

15 September 2014 - 02:25 AM

Languages are overestimated.


Of course, C++ has its specific features (and problems). But after all, it's just a tool. Most programming and design principles are very similar to other C-ish languages, like C# or Java.

Sure, you will lose some skill if you don't practice - same as for any other type of ability.

So if you can land the job you're after - do it. If you need, you can continue with C++ any time later.

In Topic: c++ function pointers

11 July 2014 - 01:51 AM

I find The Function Pointer Tutorials to be a good resource. Pros: an easy read, has examples, talks about functors. Cons: old, doesn't cover std::function.

Also missing: lambdas, mem_fn, bind. In modern C++, especially lambdas are a "must know", IMO.