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Isaac Paul

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In Topic: UDK 4 vs Unity - Which is better and easier to use to make a first person act...

27 November 2014 - 09:21 AM


^ read this article


I would say that unreal is (was) designed to make FPS games so I would choose that over unity. However, In other cases, I would choose unity over UE4.

In Topic: Distance formula in c++

26 August 2014 - 06:17 AM

My favorite method for calculating approximate distance:

u32 approx_distance( s32 dx, s32 dy )
   u32 min, max, approx;

   if ( dx < 0 ) dx = -dx;
   if ( dy < 0 ) dy = -dy;

   if ( dx < dy )
      min = dx;
      max = dy;
   } else {
      min = dy;
      max = dx;

   approx = ( max * 1007 ) + ( min * 441 );
   if ( max < ( min << 4 ))
      approx -= ( max * 40 );

   // add 512 for proper rounding
   return (( approx + 512 ) >> 10 );



Its useful for pathfinding and AI.. though it might be weird for collision. I recommend storing everything collide-able inside of an array and iterating through them while checking to see if the edges of the objects over lap with each other via box collision or separating axis theorem. 


Box Collision:

bool DoBoxesIntersect(Box a, Box b) {
  return (abs(a.x - b.x) * 2 < (a.width + b.width)) &&
         (abs(a.y - b.y) * 2 < (a.height + b.height));



Separating Axis Theorem:


In Topic: So... C++14 is done :O

19 August 2014 - 08:31 AM

I'm all for readability more than anything. I wish they would make the language more DRY (Don't repeat yourself).


I'm sick and tired of having to update .h files when changing .cpp files and vice-versa.


Also, class scopes are annoying too. Wouldn't it be simple to do something like:

class MyClass {
    void hello() {


instead of:

void MyClass::hello() {


MyClass:: is usually everywhere :/

In Topic: College or Solo?

31 July 2014 - 06:38 AM

If you're good enough to intern thats the best thing you can do because you get to focus on programming all day long. It also gives you a chance to work with 'professionals' (occasionally there is the guy who thinks they know what they're doing).


The quickest and maybe the cheapest way is to become friends with someone who is in the industry and knows what they're doing. (or hire a tutor; again make sure they know what they're doing). A lot of teachers don't teach 'clean code' which is the next best thing to learn after syntax.


Which this book goes over:



However, I've also been recommended this book but I have yet to read it:



If they know what they're doing then they know about clean code.

In Topic: How do you get ideas for new games?

08 July 2014 - 05:51 AM

I make the game I want to play. Ideas come to me as I play other games. Not only that video games are always on my mind, and I'm very analytical to the current games I play where I notice how different aspects of the game effect me.