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22 February 2013 - 02:01 PM


For the creation of instances, I would like it to look like this :

//in angelscript:
void Function()
    Sprite @mMySprite = Sprite.Create();


I would like to stay away from global functions. If I have n object types to create, I would have to have n x global creates to do. And in our case, n might be big (in fact, we cannot know in advance since we parse and generate code from the production's project)


What I was searching for was a way to create a global function, which is a templated function, but mask it under an object type in AngelScript, for exemple : 

engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("Sprite@ Sprite.Create()", asFUNCTION(SomeClass, Factory<Sprite>), asCALL_CDECL);

Or in english : I know this is a global function but make the user belive it's a static so I can show it in the script IDE's intellisense and in scripts



Object Communication

14 February 2013 - 04:20 PM


I'm integrating AngelScript into our game engine and I'm facing one problem I would like to ask here.

Lets say I have a GameObject class, which can own a asIScriptObject* and call function in it. (Like in the "game" sample).

I have two GameObjects, "Go1" with "player.as" and "Go2" with "zombie.as"

If a player kills a zombie, a function "void Kill()" must be called from player.as inside the zombie.as script.


I would like to avoid using a Send/Receive message function but to directly call Kill() inside player.as (a lots like in Unity) : 


class player
    //This is call from the engine on the GameObject's controller script:
    void DoSomething()
        GameObject go2 = Engine.FindObjectByName("Go2");

        //What I would like to do, or something like that:
        Controller go2Controller = go2.GetController("zombie");



The "void Kill()" function is unknown from the engine, but an "instance" of zombie.as is created in Angelscript's engine. Can I get that instance and call function on it? I'm lost here.


Thank you very much