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Chris Tate @ BinaryModular

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Hello all! Game developer just starting up, needing tips and feedback

14 January 2013 - 04:42 PM

Hello all. I used to use this forum quite regularly 6-7 years ago. Much has changed but there are so many nice features added to the site. I have been in and out of jobs, primarily focusing on my game project Sports Fiction over the past year or so, and have practically lived in the TGC community which is where I get the DirectX tools for developing the game. I also created some mapping and DBPRO tutorials.


Being away for so long makes me feel like a noob. So ...
I’ll be honest, I am a little lost because there are so many links and pages on this site and little spare time available to get the most of my visit. I will be taking a look, but nothing quite beats a keyword search than the direction of experienced site users and developers.

Any interesting articles, posts, links, projects that would interest a solo game developer like me? I am desperate for ideas for my game and for getting some exposure. I need to find people with similar interests or in a similar position.

There are a number of Indie game development portals growing in popularity which I will look at in a few days; for now I will stick around GameDev and browse any interesting projects whilst showcasing my own.

Are there any DirectX game developers around working on racing or sports games by any chance who may have provided tips or have a journal? Any HLSL code articles you recommend?

Are there any users of DBPRO or any TGC game development tools around here? I imagine most people use Unity or XNA or something.

Thanks for your time