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#5022235 3D surface reconstruction

Posted by on 16 January 2013 - 11:28 AM

I need to write down the problem:

I have a video captured by an edible camera which had been taken by a patient, then it took videos , pictures of the internal digestive tract. I need to reconstruct the 3D model of the digestive tract from the videos. Here it should be noted that the digestive tract is a bit tubular in shape and is twisted every now and then.


  1. At this moment I have just the videos with me. I don't have any information about the camera orientation or anything. But if needed, I can manage to get it.
  2. Can bundler be installed on Microsoft Visual Studios 2010? I found from the link that it can be installed on linux, windows (cygwin). I am not familiar with Windows (cygwin). I need some help with installation on MSVC 2010.
  3. I am familair with C++,OpenGL, 3D modelling; but don't have much knowledge on image processing. Is it ok to work with blunder?

Please give me some suggestion so that I can start working on the project.