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#5028986 Using SlimDX in my project (DirectX11 in XNA)

Posted by on 05 February 2013 - 04:22 AM

Partly - project is incomplete.  We were hoping to get some interest and have a few people help work with it. There is a longer intro on the CodePlex site but briefly, the project began with XNA 3.1 and DirectX 10 and has been (incompletely) ported to XNA 4 and DirectX 11.  So, with some parts working and a mixture of XNA3/4 API it is currently possible to run Geometry Shaders and Tesselation.  Have a look on the site http://jbbrxg11.codeplex.com/ and have a look at my youtube video  - don't forget to display it in hi-def (1920 by 1080) or you won't be able to read the text.  Cheers, thanks for being our first response.

#5028965 Using SlimDX in my project (DirectX11 in XNA)

Posted by on 05 February 2013 - 02:03 AM

This is directed to the SlimDX team.  I have been using SlimDX in a project of mine (JBBRXG11 - Providing DirectX 11 functionality in an XNA environment - a project I have recently uploaded on CodePlex).  I would like to know if/how I can include the SlimDX library in my installer.  At first I thought that I would just state it as a prerequisite for users to sort out themselves.  However that wasn't a happy experience on my first foreign machine installation trial.  Is it acceptable/advisable to simply include a SlimDX dll in my distribution?