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JBBRXG11(DirectX 11 in XNA) has its first compute shader running

15 February 2013 - 01:14 PM

The JBBRXG11(Update XNA to DirectX 11) project has its first XNA compute shader running (albeit not a very interesting one - it just adds two vectors).  The project is open source and available at http://jbbrxg11.codeplex.com/ for anyone who would like a look.  Downloads include the two samples that we have done youtube videos for: tesselation () and the first compute shader ().  Sorry, not much documentation yet.  Please view the videos in hidef so that you can read the code.


We are still not too sure about the installer.  It is limited at present to Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010.  It assumes that XNA 4(refresh) is installed.  Would much appreciate any feedback on the installer or about the library itself.


Our thanks to the team at SlimDX for their support in adding their library to our distribution.


XNA is dead, long live XNA.

Using SlimDX in my project (DirectX11 in XNA)

05 February 2013 - 02:03 AM

This is directed to the SlimDX team.  I have been using SlimDX in a project of mine (JBBRXG11 - Providing DirectX 11 functionality in an XNA environment - a project I have recently uploaded on CodePlex).  I would like to know if/how I can include the SlimDX library in my installer.  At first I thought that I would just state it as a prerequisite for users to sort out themselves.  However that wasn't a happy experience on my first foreign machine installation trial.  Is it acceptable/advisable to simply include a SlimDX dll in my distribution?