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About Me

§• ɸ§
A brief explination 


In case anyone was wondering why I use this symbol so often, it is my crest/logo/insignia.
If you had already come to that conclusion yet are curious as to what
it is or means I've given a brief synopsis of the symbology behind it.



Phi (the circle thing in the middle) is a Greek letter pertaining to a number constant, like Pi (3.145 or π). A constant (if im not mistaken constants are a pattern so they in theory are infinite) is a huge series of numbers which relate to a principle. As you probably already know π (Pi) has to do with circles and diameter (high school;D = πr²). Phi is known as the golden ratio or God number. If I remember correctly, I read about while studying Da Vincis' theories (specifically about Vitruvian Man). Everything in nature is made in proportion to that number and its one of the base reason for belief in intelligent design. In nature a correspondence between ratio and relativity (smile.png is a constant. Therefore proportions (part:whole) tend to be consistant in nature as well. The petals on a flower in respect to its stem. the relationship between our finger and the distance between the joints in said finger. As well as plenty of other things can all be mathematically tied to Phi (1.618). 


The dots in black and white represent balance or duality/perspective. 



§ §

The intertwine,double helix or serpent is a globally recognized sign
tied to life and creation through all civilization/culture (modern and ancient).



                                                             ←   →



The arrows symbolize direction which in turn means purpose.
|       |
|  |

So as a whole my insignia means:
Creative Design or Creation
Balance and Purpose
 Thank you for reading biggrin.png
From a young age I was encouraged and became acustomed to asking "Why?". It is what lead to my profound respect and affinity towards design and as a result, creation. I constantly wanted to (and still do at times) know "Why does this work?". 
The way I have come to think of it and now see it is that all of my motivation stems from one source, Curiosity. Through curiosity we hunger for knowledge. Through knowledge we gain understanding and wisdom. Finally with understanding and wisdom the cycle repeats itself at an exponential rate. If pursued in earnest, your potential to learn and achieve are infinite.
My friends always tease me because I always want to have a reason behind doing things. The funny thing is that they would all agree I'm far from logic driven lol
Even if its subconscious I tend to have a purposeful mindset.
Maybe being a Libra has something to do with it (if you're into that kinda stuff) but I find comfort in balance and equality while shying away from extremes. Harmony is just embedded in my psyche which helps when you try to live with (for the most part lol) a nuetral unbiased perspective.


On a more personal note


I'm 5'6" (pretty short for a guy)


I've never struggled with that fact for two reasons.


-One, I was raised to have a pretty healthy self-esteem.  I accepted from a young age that my gene pool wasn't exactly bustling with the promise of height xD

-Two, I was fortunate enough to be given other favorable physical traits. While just about all of my male cousins grew past me vertically (even a few of the younger ones tongue.png), I kept an even if not superior rate of growth horizontally sleep.png My natural muscle mass as well as my ability to build muscle has always far outweighed theirs. Only the ones who damn near dwarfed me in comparison to height (which lets face it, isn't all that hard to do xD) match up proportionately to my weight.


In case you're curious at this point, I weigh about 180lbs (81.6 kg).

My build is easily and often mistaken for someone within the 150-165 lbs weight range when fully clothes.


Random Tid-Bits


 I LOVE ice cream huh.png


All variations of frozen treats really. Gelato, Granita/Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt, Sherbet love it all. Don't even get me started on flavors rolleyes.gif It'd so be my downfall if I didn't work out regularly tongue.png


I strongly believe (if it's not obvious by now)

that being a "fat-ass" is a state of mind

and a matter of loving food (quality not quantity).



Having a decently fast metabolism affords some of us more leniency than others but body weight is no excuse for use of the term in my opinion.





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