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In Topic: Video game production masters thesis survey

25 January 2013 - 10:18 PM

Thank you for participating and I appreciate your feedback, heavy handed as it was. To be clear, I am not asserting that a Myers Briggs test can be used to determine and individuals creativity, in fact there is almost no research to support that. This survey was designed based on the methodologies that existing research has been found to be most effective and prevalent across many other industries. Perhaps it was not clear in the first post but the purpose of this survey is simply to attempt to identify the attitudes towards hiring practices in the industry and examine what studios and other firms within the video game industry value most when searching for potential candidates. 


I am very aware that the industry thrives on a diverse mix of personalities to create the games we love. However, you cannot deny that stability within a team and organization is paramount to having a motivated workforce. An article on the International Game Developers Association website states that that cost of hiring new development team personnel can cost a studio up to $32,000 per person. In an industry that has a long standing issue with employee turnover, this is a figure that can quickly rise and cripple a project. It goes on to say that 50% of surveyed professionals do not expect to last more than 10 years in the industry when nearly the same amount stated that they would like to work in video games for their entire careers. 


I agree that blindly using tests and hiring based on those scores is not a good practice, but if an organization takes time to construct a comprehensive profile for the position they need that takes into account not only the skills and background needed but also the personalities and attitudes of the people that the position will be working with, then certain tests can be a very valid and supplemental tool. 


Again this survey is just an attempt to gain a big picture view of what the industry is doing in respect to selection methodology and the attitudes of industry professionals towards different constructs found I the hiring process. 


I hope you have found this helpful in clearing up the purpose of this survey. I appreciate your opinion and hope that you can look beyond my educational path and see that I am just trying to give people a better understanding of what the industry is doing. If you, or anyone is interested in the results of the survey once I am done collecting responses I will be happy to share the results. I can be reached at Maxcapper@fullsail.edu


Here are some of my sources for the facts that I stated

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