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In Topic: What should I do?

11 April 2013 - 02:34 PM

A backend physics programmer definitely sounds like what I'd want work in as this has a large effect on game mechanics. I'm almost taking an AI class and we're about to cover Machine learning so maybe if that's interesting I may experiment with that.


What kind of projects could I do with a backend physics programmer as a goal though? I imagine I'd also have to create games from scratch to test out the physics I make so where would I start in getting experience with this?

In Topic: Language to use for horror game 'Mad Father'

23 January 2013 - 01:32 PM

C and C++ are a bit complicated to learn, the advantage is that if you learn it really well, all the other languages will be pretty easy to understand.


This is exactly why I want to code this project in C or C++, and I am already familiar with C and I think C++ should be simple to pick up (just syntax differences I'm sure). With that established, should I use C or C++? and where can I find tutorials to make a game like 'Mad Father' from scratch


P.S. The reason I want to make it from scratch is because this will provide a greater learning experience than using something that already has thousands of libraries built into it and does all the work for you. I would rather use C or C++ because memory management and speed can be improved based on how well you code than if you use Java and I want to think of this project as training to build good habits like ways to make the game run faster, with less lag, etc.