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What should I do?

11 April 2013 - 01:56 PM

I am a junior in college, acing every Computer Science course but I'm not sure what I should focus on for the kind of Game Programming I want to do. I'd like to create games with fighting, adventure rpg with fighters, mage casters etc and I'd like to be able to program things like how high a character jumps, how far a characters weapon reaches, and those kind of game mechanics. I do not want to figure out how to do rendering.


Is this considered game engine programming or something higher level (not so backend)?


Help is greatly appreciated so I know which direction to add for my future, thanks!

Language to use for horror game 'Mad Father'

21 January 2013 - 04:21 PM

Hello everybody,


Would you know what programming language I should use if I wanted to recreate the horror game 'Mad Father' from scratch? I am a beginner at game development but have been programming in C and Java for 3 years and have taken courses on the lots of CS ideas but none that were video game related. :-( I've always wanted to program games and thought I'd start with something like 'Mad Father' first because I liked practically everything about it. I see that most recommend C++ on the For Beginners forum for programming games but I think I could pick this up fairly quickly.


I'd like to know what programming language I should use for this kind of game (more generally would be an rpg game that looks like it should be played on the gameboy (possibly incorporating fighting when I get better)) and why. Any advice on what I should watch out for as I start developing would be great as well.