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In Topic: Ideas on Uncooperative Co-Op

23 January 2013 - 05:07 PM

Some of the starwars games had side games that were Co-op.   Basically you and a bunch of friends were put in an areana to face unending waves of enemies.


I could see a mechanic where players are given "tricks".  basically abilities that modify the game whenever a player activates one:  Enemies counter tracking missiles, players shields slowly drained(soft time limit), and other similar mechanics that affect ALL players.


So all players are rewarded for surviving and similar.   However if a player dies when one of your tricks are active you get extra bonuses.




Could see this brief mechanic going well with a horror game.   You know you have allies who want larger rewards by advancing further, but at the same time you know those same allies want you dead from time to time with expected help just not coming.


Was that a really thing or something you came up with?

In Topic: Ideas on Uncooperative Co-Op

22 January 2013 - 07:59 PM

To address xp and leveling: the game is played game by game (4 matched per game) for fun. No overarching use for xp. Reset ever game. I guess I always imagined playing this with my friends so, like L4D, you can communicate but also mock and plea. The idea of classes seemed to fit because most had equal pros and cons (you're right about stealth though) but this also makes players act mire tactically in when to betray someone. Say a stealth attacks a heavy. The medic and engi would have to quickly chose sides. Weighing up options. Is the stealth reckless? Can we survive without the heavy? Overall there is a low penalty for death. But this means quick ability to retaliate. Holding a grud can payoff in some cases.

In Topic: Ideas on Uncooperative Co-Op

22 January 2013 - 07:42 PM

I'm dumb. :) Sorry for not stating all details (the post would have been longer than my arm). Xp would be awarded at the end of a match instead of in game or the death of all characters. More Xp for winning instead of death. Matches would be short and quick allowing for say 4 matches in a game. Not the best at visualising lvling but i would say it would cap at 8.

In Topic: How to stop the killing?

22 January 2013 - 07:35 PM

Lol. My topic above this is about a zombie survival game based around killing your team. I love irony.

In Topic: Ideas on Uncooperative Co-Op

22 January 2013 - 07:28 PM

Picture this:

2D Top Down Retro 4-player Team Based (Sorta)

Premise - Limited Story
Group sent out to retrieve something from zombie infested wasteland.

Objective - Enter. Locate objective. Retrieve intact.

Mechanics - Team work is key but when fast leveling and increasing power builds your characters you can kill anyone of your teammates in order to get more experience. Earlier kills gains more experience. Kills near extraction give little to no experience if entire team survives.


Heavy - More Hp and Dm. Slows team down and easily overcome alone.

Medic - Can heal the team and himself. No reason to live other than heal.

Stealth - Stealth field. Invisible to zombie and Team. Broken with gun fire. Knife and stay invisible. Invisibility lasts longer with more team members. Alone doesn't work.

Engineer - Fairly useless offensively. Can hack turrets (Turrets loyal to engi if team attack). Open shortcuts. Can repair objective.