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Ideas on Uncooperative Co-Op

22 January 2013 - 02:57 PM

I'm very new to game design but I want to work in the industry eventually. But anyway, I was watching a rage video on youtube and it made me think about how people can enjoy a game that makes them angry at themselves. But has anyone ever best a rage inducing game in a cooperative situation. Picture say a zombie survival game. The basis of most of these games is that to survive you must band together. Through experiences in Dayz I have realised that when given the choice us as human beings prefer to stand alone because of the awards associated with it compared to the setbacks of a partner making mistakes or halfing a resource.

But what if a zombie survival game forced you to have a partner (would probably work better with local co-op) and didn't reward you for working with them. You could steal resources from each other and then you would be put into a situation were you had to defend them but come out worse for wear. In a game situated like this difficulty wouldn't be measured on a pre decided scale but on the morals of your partner.

Am I the only one who would find it appealing to have game play were the enemy is your only friend and to see how situations would pan out.

I haven't completely though this through but its not an actual game proposal but just an idea on how a fresh innovative style could form. Please tell me what you think.