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Rudy Crimson

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Location-based Action-RPG [Mobile]

23 January 2013 - 08:20 AM

Hi there,


I've been reading the forum for a bit more than a year and I find the discussions quite useful and informative, but I've yet to encounter a thread that really poses and/or attempts to answer my own paradigms in game development.


I have a strong background in C++, C# and Java most of my undergraduate education focused on C++ for computational physics. At the moment, I'm an independent programmer working on Objective-C applications for iOs. I've taken courses on functional programming using Scala; taught myself Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP; and, at the moment, I've taken upon myself to learn more about Clojure and the lisp dialects that I touched upon vaguely during my college years (4 years ago). All these skills have proven trivial when it comes to accomplishing my primary goal of making my very own game. 


I am envisioning a location-based 3D Action RPG with feasible properties that allow users to interact with other players in the vicinity (square-mile radii). The game itself will not depend solely on the players involved as there will be automated (AI) challengers which will comprise 57-68% of the population. In essence, players will have the ability to group together in teams, co-exist, and compete with one another; but, in reality, the majority of the game will have automated characters that will help us reduce the cost of production and/or inflicting too much burden on the servers [both of these are not mutually exclusive]. We are, of course, willing to attract investors and garner profits in order to grow as needed.


I've looked into Unity 3D and it seems reasonable for my goals: I have a clear idea of the themes and plot, but I have time constraints. I could study building a game engine, but I just cannot wait to get my idea out to the world. I'm looking to fail quickly, if that, and move along to something else; then again, I could rather fail miserably at making a worthwhile game engine, but Im more of a visual thinker, and therefore I rather spend my time designing a 3D game which is beautiful.


My question to you is, can Unity 3D support location-based programming in that fashion? Or, will I encounter too many limitations that building a game engine from scratch would seem most efficient?