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#5025727 scaling 2d bitmaps for multiple resolution support

Posted by on 26 January 2013 - 05:01 AM

Im making a multiplayer 2d game and I would like to support multiple resolutions and to do this I need to scale the game so people with higher resolution monitors are not advantaged by being able to see more of the game.


I was wondering if a good way to tackle this problem was to draw everything at extremely high resolution and scale it down to fit the desired resolution. Will doing this result have any negative effects on the image quality? Would it be better to prescale the images in photoshop and access the ones for the desired resolution or use d3d to scale prior during loading screen?  


I could use vector graphics but they seem to have a very cartoony look which isnt really the look i am after.


How to professional 2d game developers handle this issue?


I should probably mention I am a huge perfectionist and i hate having to comprise and I am also very new to this whole game development thing.