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In Topic: Few basic questions in Game development

29 January 2013 - 09:58 AM

thanks swiftcoder and 3Ddreamer...now i am pretty clear that I can use OpenGL but its going to take lot of time...google'ed for some game engines/tools... looks like coco2d-x, carona, marmalade, moai etc are good... But Carona is expensive...I am an indie developer :)


I am thinking of using coco2dx or moai (though this is not C++)


if anyone knows any other good game engine, pls. let me know. I am looking only for cross platform game engines so that a single code can work in iOS and Android


thanks everyone...gamedev.net is awesome :)

In Topic: Few basic questions in Game development

26 January 2013 - 10:43 PM

thanks everyone for your reply


what i am thinking of doing is - 


1. write a simple game in C++ (with openGL ES and Box2D) and test it in OpenGL ES emulator

2. deploy it in Android and iOS devices and test


my understanding is (not sure if this is 100% right) - Both Google and Apple says they support openGL ES and I believe my game should run properly if i am 100% compliant with openGL ES.


Let me give it a try and come to this forum if i am struck 


reg other tools, i had a look at few (both commercial and free ones). Good commercial one's are costly and coco2dx seems good.


If my approach doesn't work, i am thinking of using coco2dx. 


thanks again