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In Topic: Card Kingdoms ( A CCG/TCG In Development)

09 February 2013 - 09:14 AM

Im thinking about making it go back and forth until one dies, but im not sure yet.


this answers my question # 2 tongue.png

>monsters defense. (sorry, might be a bit confusing)

 nope, very clear, and a good system.


Thank you very much, if you have any other feedback i would really apreciate it.


So far i have about 120 Cards planned, still working on finding an artist though (Since i have almost no artistic talent.

In Topic: Card Kingdoms ( A CCG/TCG In Development)

02 February 2013 - 08:39 AM


Could you elaborate on this a bit more please

Well, basically my question is when an (attacking) creature attacks a (defending) creature, will only the defending creature receive damage from the attacking creature or will the attacking creature also receive damage from the defending creature ?

 Well the way it works is that when an attacking monster attacks the defending monster, its the attacking monsters attack verses the defending monsters defense.


After the attack monster attacks, if the defending monster is not killed, it has one chance to retaliate, in which case its the defending monsters attack versus the attacking monsters defense. (sorry, might be a bit confusing)


Im thinking about making it go back and forth until one dies, but im not sure yet.

In Topic: Card Kingdoms ( A CCG/TCG In Development)

31 January 2013 - 11:02 PM

Looks like you have and are putting a lot of work into the design of the actual game play and that is always a good thing.  One question arose while I was reading through the rules and that is what happens with only partial damage is dealt to a creature or building card?  You mention that both have health, attack and defense, will it be suggested or required that players keep a running tally of partial health values of the various assets on the field?  That is to say, if Player A attacks Player B.  Player A's attack force has an attack of 100, Player B's creature has defense of 50 and a health of 100, should the player's make note and keep track that Player B's creature is now down to 50 health or is the attack considered ineffective?  You'll excuse me I'm more of a video game player and never really got in to all the card games sorry if this is one of those "duh" questions.


You will keep track of health with Damage counters like Pokemon(To give an example) A rule i forgot to mention and should add is that When you attack a monster, its your attack vs their defense, and if their defense is higher than your attack, you hit 10 health.


I will post a list of cards i have been working on soon, but its just the file with the columns filled out, no artwork.



to be well thought out, and the description was fairly easy to follow
considering that it is text only. I'm sure that seeing your board design
would answer this, but:

Is there any spatial element to building
placement? You could lay out your game board such that buildings are
only connected to those adjacent to them, forcing players to expand
across the "map" rather than giving them a free choice of building
slots. This could add another level of strategy blocking paths to key
buildings by putting a defensive building between them and the attacker
etc). I suspect you're not going in this direction, however.


Actually, this is what i was going for, but not necessarily a board, but a premade map. There would be pathways to follow and you could only attack a building on the pathway closest to you with your building.

Say there are 5 slots




If i have buildings on slots 1 through 3, and my opponent has a building on slot 5, he can only attack slot 4, because it is in his way along the path to my main building at slot 1. If that makes sense.

In Topic: Card Kingdoms ( A CCG/TCG In Development)

31 January 2013 - 10:59 PM

looks interesting, a few questions though:
1) if i own three buildings in this game, can all three be attacked or only the "front"-building ?



2) am i correct to assume that combat "just ends" without there be any need of any

creature/building being destroyed ?

3) am i also correct to assume that there is no retaliation during combat ?(i mean in standard combat, i assume you also apply the rule "if any card contradicts the rules the card wins" but let's make that question 4 tongue.png )



5) are supply-cards purely a resource with no specific rules on them ?


I do think your game would be better explained if you just gave an example of a turn with cards using all the features.



Your front building is the building being attacked. Your opponent mush
push you back to your main building and then destroy that to win. Your
opponent may not simply jump forward and attack your home base.




All creatures and building have life, which is kept track of with damage counters sort of like Pokemon( To give an example)



Could you elaborate on this a bit more please




There are two types of resource cards.


Normal - 1 Resource/Tribute


Lucky - 2 Resource/Tribute( You may only have up to 6 of these in your deck






Ill get to work on a mock game style thing.