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#5028099 Card Kingdoms ( A CCG/TCG In Development)

Posted by on 02 February 2013 - 08:39 AM


Could you elaborate on this a bit more please

Well, basically my question is when an (attacking) creature attacks a (defending) creature, will only the defending creature receive damage from the attacking creature or will the attacking creature also receive damage from the defending creature ?

 Well the way it works is that when an attacking monster attacks the defending monster, its the attacking monsters attack verses the defending monsters defense.


After the attack monster attacks, if the defending monster is not killed, it has one chance to retaliate, in which case its the defending monsters attack versus the attacking monsters defense. (sorry, might be a bit confusing)


Im thinking about making it go back and forth until one dies, but im not sure yet.

#5026918 Card Kingdoms ( A CCG/TCG In Development)

Posted by on 29 January 2013 - 02:26 PM

Card Kingdoms (Name not official at this time) is a new card game in development. After spending around 6 months on the project writing rules, tweaking gameplay, and just generally screwing around, I have decided to post the semi-finished idea online for feedback.

The game is a medieval fantasy style card game, I do not wish to contain any modern or futuristic elements. While this game is a TCG, it is played with a mat, with specific places to place cards.

(Map Image will be posted soon enough)

On the map there are 7 places to play building cards ( See -Card Details- Below), and the goal is to have one of your buildings on every place. The gameplay consists of many rounds of the card game to complete the actual game. The fighting consists of fighting for the slots for buildings, with each players life for that round equal to the building they are defending or the building they are attacking from.

-Cards and Decks-

There are 2 Decks for each player in the game.

1 - Your Kingdom deck

2 - Your Battle deck

Your Kingdom deck consists of 60 Cards

10 Building cards

10 Supply cards

10 Mechanical(Trap) Cards

30 Open slots for customization( you may only add Mechanical/supply/building cards in these slots)

Your battle deck consists of 60 cards

Any number of the 3 battle cards

- Character/monster

- Equipment

- Magic

-Card Details-

1 - Breaking down the cards

Kingdom Deck

Your Building cards are the cards you will play on building slots on the map.

Buildings are what players use to represent their health in battle. Battle commences when one Building declare an attack on another and war begins.

Your supply cards will help you in using other cards.

Supply cards must be Tributed in order to use mechanical cards( Unless the card says otherwise)

Supply cards are used to play Equipment cards( Unless it says otherwise)

Supply cards can be used to summon High level characters to the field without the need to tribute

Mechanical/Trap cards can be put down pre-emptively for use during battle. Acting somewhat like "Yu-Gi-Oh" Trap cards, they can be activated at any time when your opponent performs and action. The effects can be harmful for your opponent, helpful for you, harmful for both ETC.

Battle Deck

Character/Monster cards

Character/Monster cards are used for fighting other Card and destroying buildings.

The stats on the card are -

Health - The amount of punishment the card can take before being destroyed

Attack - How much damage you can dish out

Defense - How much damage you can negate

Tier - What level it is and how much of a tribute it costs to play this card

Effects - An effect that the card can use.

Equipment cards

Can be equipped to Characters/Monsters to give them a boost

The parts of the card are

Name - Name of Equipment

Tier - Level of equipment and supplies required to use it.

Effects - What stats it affects and how much it adds/subtracts from the stats

Magic Cards

Can be played to affect the game

Parts of the card

Name - Name of spell

Tier - Level of spell

Effects - The effects of the spell card



Each player draws 5 cards from their kingdoms deck and 9 cards from their battle deck.

The Supplies and building cards drawn are placed in their respective piles and trap cards are added to the battle hand.

Each player claims their side of the battlefield and places one building down on the starting slot, this becomes your home building.

Passive stage

During this stage, there is no battling going on.

Phase 1 - Draw

Draw 3 cards from your kingdoms deck

If you receive a supplies card, place it in your supply pile

If you receive a building, put it in your blueprints pile

If you receive a trap place it in your kingdoms hand

Phase 2 - Building

During this phase you may place one building down at the cost of supplies, and place as many traps as you want at the cost of supplies

Phase 3 - Attack

You may declare an attack on a building during this turn, which initiates the Offensive stage.


(Note: The first player that goes may not Attack or lay down traps on the first turn)

(Second Note: When supplies are used up, they are shuffled back into your Kingdoms deck)

Offensive Stage

Phase 1 - Draw

Draw a card from your Battle deck

Phase 2 - Main Phase

During this phase, you may summon cards to the field, play equipment, and use spells and effects.

Phase 3 - Battle Phase

During this phase you may attack and use the effects of your Character/Monster cards.

You may not attack a players building directly if there are Characters/Monsters on your enemies field.

If a monster is destroyed, the owner of that monster looses 100 life on their building.

Phase 4 - Secondary Phase

This Phase is used to activate any Magic cards and other effects.


The game is over when a persons home base is destroyed

-Places on the Game board-


Map -

7 slots on the game board where buildings can be placed, these slots are fought over and the goal is to slowly move  your way to the enemies Home base.

Blueprints - Where your buildings are stored until you play them on the field

Supply pile - Where supplies are placed while not used

Rift - When cards are removed from play you place them here.

Discard Pile - Where used and destroyed cards are kept



Front lines - Where your Characters/Monsters are placed

Library - Where you spells are placed down, there are 4 slots here meaning you can only have 4 spells at one time

Trapped land - Right behind the front lines, where trap cards are kept.

Discard pile - Where used cards from your battle deck are kept.

(AT THE END OF EACH BATTLE, RESHUFFLE YOUR ENTIRE BATTLE DECK EXCEPT FOR CARDS IN THE RIFT. Discarded cards from your battle deck are re-used in the next battle, they are never truly gone unless they are put in the rift.)


And that is the rough draft of the official rules(Its still in HEAVY progress)

Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback, I will provide images of the map and cards as soon as I can.