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Topics I've Started

Market Metrics for iOS and Android Apps?

04 November 2013 - 11:33 PM

I'm a social game app developer.

I need to keep an eye on the chart movements for iOS and Android apps, and I use to rely on appdata.com.

I don't need micro analytic in revenue, I just need to know the MAU and DAUs.

Recently Appdata changed, it requires paid subscription in order to know ANY numbers at all, and its $595 per month,

and I can't afford that.


Where could I get MAU and DAU metrics for free or an affordable price?


Edit: Clarify - I want to look up MAU and DAU of other games in the iOS and Android market.

Sharing my 2D artist-network: Ask me if you want to contact them

16 March 2013 - 06:24 PM

I happen to know a Taiwan based artist community and I am here to offer some networking.

I am currently recruiting artists over there, and this is where all the portfolios are located:




They speak minimal English, so I am taking up the role of the mediator. 


About them:

> They are mostly located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

> To give an estimate, the refined painting as seen in the portfolios take them 4 hrs in average. Designing including researching might vary between 1~3 hrs. Single character portrait usually takes 1~2 hrs. A character sprite sheet for pixel art takes 1~2 hrs, animated.  

> Some are experienced - had worked for paid position or hobbyist projects.

> Some are looking for paid jobs only, some are fine with share / loyalty, and some just want a working experience with foreign groups on their portfolio and are fine without pay. 

> Their style are mostly manga-oriented, some do traditional art as well, but their portfolio does not show all of their ability. They may provide the style you need upon request, like pixel art or vector art.

> Very few knows 3D modelling. Most are capable of 2D frame-by-frame animation. 

> If its an unpaid or share paid project, they prefer short projects as they're not competent in committing long term. Pay by asset is most preferable.

> A signed contract is necessary - mailed or faxed.


If you are interested in recruiting any of them, email (imstudio -at- gmail -dot- com) me or msg me here and let me know

1) who you want to learn more about, or would you want to ask those who are interested in your project to submit related samples. 

2) brief about your project:

- gameplay,

- setting,

- wanted style,

- work load,

- team history,

- length,

- compensation,

- brief marketing plan (if you have one), 

- when you need to make a decision,

- desired starting date.




** Please do not contact them personally, as that would confuse them. 

And of course, don't use the pics in the portfolio without asking. **

How to find ads for monetizing my app game

01 February 2013 - 10:46 PM

I want to make some financial plans for a project, not sure if its gonna be facebook or android yet. 

I'm seeing many free android app games, indie or from some big companies, always have an ad box at the bottom of the UI.

Some of the games don't even have a cash shop. 

Thus I am assuming they are monetizing mainly from the ads.


If I am correct,

1) how do I find these ads?

2) And how much per DAU / per click / per click+purchase would the ads bring in?