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Advice for creating a rich interface-driven game

31 January 2013 - 09:38 AM

Hey everyone. Here's the basic goal: to create a digital board game, in which exploration is simulated and controlled with interface (clicking on options, etc.) Think of it as a digital board game.


I don't care much about real-time interaction and AI (it would be turn based, like a board game), real time pathing, physics, and that kind of pace.  I haven't learned a programming language, although I've gotten my toes wet with Unity and JavaScript, and have used ActionScript before, as well as a lot of time in the old WarCraft III editor, which was helpful for understanding a basic theory of how a game "thinks" (events, conditions, actions, etc.) 


Anyway, I realized after a day or two of screwing around with Unity that it's terrible for creating and using interface, and is completely about 3D maps and models with behaviors, etc.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'd love to use that engine for everything if possible.


I think I should first learn to program basic core game systems in something like Visual Studio though -- right?  That uses C#?  That would force me to learn more universal scripting without being distracted by all the toys and gizmos, I assume.


I eventually want to make interesting AI that WOULD work in real time, environmental systems, and things that you can't see or hear while playing but which make everything more interesting.  ANY advice on this is welcome, I'm lost at sea and feel like there's probably a million simple shortcuts and tricks I'm ignorant about.  I've gathered that you should basically pick an engine and a script and adapt what you know, but what would be best for this project?