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CGF & Meshes

31 January 2013 - 09:07 PM

Hi everyone.

Last my time i spend on parsing CGF(Crytek Geometry Format) files. I stucked at weird problem: wrong vetices points.


For example: i took some object from aion, parse vertices, calculate min and max, and see smth wrong.

My calculations:

x y z

max 712.1557 1133.1596 -63.77475
min -729.1334 -523.08135 -136.59977


After i open this file with 3d object converter and see different values:

x y z

max 722.231602 3130.233154 354.260895

min -719.057522 1473.992126 281.435883


Vertex data has two vector3 data: point ans smth with name "normal".


Does anyone know what i was do wrong? Maybe need to do some calculations or smth like that?