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In Topic: D3DFMT_R16F format and D3DXFLOAT16

18 October 2013 - 03:24 AM

Found my stupid mistake finally...

Just had to specify D3DX_DEFAULT_NONPOW2 when loading the texture ! Damn default parameters...

Post could be deleted I guess.

In Topic: LOD algorythm for sphere made of a cube. Help needed.

18 September 2013 - 12:40 AM

Thx for your answer.

Apparently it confirms what I'm experiencing. That neighbours link problem is really messy and it's a real drag.

Plus I haven't got it running properly yet and the code is already looking awfull.

So based on my experience and what you said I'm trying a different approach now which should still meets my requirements.


Everything will be at the same lod level allways avoiding patches to know about their neighbours. I'ts a bit more brutal but apparently it might just do as well.

When from far away the planet won't have too much patches to render and when just above ground the culling is powerfull enough to do some decent job with the 6 quadtrees.

That is concidering my planets are way smaller than even our moon.


Anyway, that area would be a good subject for a big tech doc.

In Topic: LOD algorythm for sphere made of a cube. Help needed.

13 September 2013 - 06:22 AM

Ok, here is a bit more about this problem.


First I have a constraint to have adjacent patches being at the same lod or +-1 lod. This is to guarantee perfect edges connections.


I have read that some people implemented 6 different quadTree to implement this kind of LOD.

Ok but I don't see how it could possibly help. The 6 quadTree would still need to know about their neightbours at edges. In the worst case, you would need to zoom in 3 different quadTree.


I'll start to think about having references between patches on a flat unfolded cube instead of the 3D one as my patches knows on which face of the cube they are, I can still construct them.


PS: If you think I should post in another forum thread let me know.

In Topic: LOD algorythm for sphere made of a cube. Help needed.

12 September 2013 - 12:45 PM

Thanks, but I'm fine with this.


My problem is the connectivity with different faces of the cube as the axis are changing from one to another.


I'm looking for a better way to discribe this problem at the moment.

This is somehow my starting point if you prefer : http://mathproofs.blogspot.ch/2005/07/mapping-cube-to-sphere.html

So you see that each face is constructed differently like the up face would be constructed around X and Z axis (given Y up) but the down face will be build around X and -Z as the up vector is rotated.

And this is what makes the LOD a real nightmare to me.