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#5255711 Stopping distance

Posted by on 05 October 2015 - 01:29 PM

I get this:

stopping_distance = starting_velocity^2 / (2 * deceleration)


And that's it. :) Thanks a lot!

#5140318 Splitting a rectangle area into organic section.

Posted by on 19 March 2014 - 08:22 AM

A short code, some tweaks and here is my beautiful region from voronoi's algorithm plus a little "weight" variable for each region, wich generate some cute round curves. :]

I like it.

Capture d'écran 2014-03-19 15.18.55.png

#5063033 The good way for a junior game programmer to start?

Posted by on 19 May 2013 - 11:37 AM

@Alpha_ProgDes : For a C++ specialization, I don't think an HTML5 demo would be worth it, or would it? But yeah, I should do a port-folio. I have some stuff to expose that reflect how I am doing things. :]


@Tom Slopper : just... WOW, your FAQ is awesome, I have to respect you for this! ohmy.png


So I counted, I have done 5 barrier breaker so far. I don't have the right location right now, my network is poor, I'm not researching enough, I need to make a portfolio and I lake perseverance.


Well, as you said on your FAQ : 

If you are NOT doing something on the checklist, well, now you know what to do.


I listed 5 Stupid Tricks, but maybe I'm overrating myself. =p


I tend to be arrogant at work. I experienced it at my former (and first) job. I may have changed since, but I know I was back then, criticizing the work of my senior colleague about being buggy, dirty and all, but I couldn't say to myself : "Hey, it's dirty, the game is buggy, but for a one year development, it is awesome!"


I am blind, due to my lake of experience and buddies, I tend to see myself "as is", and due to my past, I tend to don't give a damn about what other are thinking of me. I need to do my research for this and find how the others see me. (It is one of my main worry since I started my former job, am I a competent programmer for him? Am I an unpleasant colleagur for her? etc..)


I'm in at a dumb location, in an averrage city of France. Now I have friends at Montréal, but my way of thinking right now is : "I won't hesitate to move, as long as I have a job there.", so maybe I should change my way of thinking?


I ask dumb question. Well, I have the feeling this topic was beneath the dumb questions category, has you gave me kind of a large covering answer, but it did the trick and here I am better defining what I am, what I got and what I should do, so... Maybe not that dumb? I don't know. But due to the lack of answers on most of the forums I ask them, I feel I'm asking dumb questions. tongue.png


I don't do my homework! Well, it might be linked on the fantasyland trick below, but willing to do my own game, I didn't felt the need to find a job into a company so far, so I didn't get that much research nor grown my network.


Also, so far I'm in fantasyland, wich bring the Stupid Trick count at 6..? I mean, for 2 year, I worked on project to perfect myself and maybe earn some cash on small games, but first, can I gain experience with myself and google? No. And second, did I ever do something worth selling so far? Neither. :/ Right now, I'm thinking about at least completing my most advanced project (the one I linked above) into a playable state, so that I could use it as a portfolio, but so far, I feel I have lost a lot of time while searching techniques and ideas for it...


It... Kind of scares me to see I don't have that much Stupid Tricks, not as it is a bad thing - or maybe 6 is way too much already? - but would that tells me I'm overrating myself? Or am I just paranoid?


Well, in any way, a lot of thanks for those precious advices!


(PS, in Stupid tricks, le two last tricks shares the same 24th place. tongue.png You might want to correct the number for the 25th. smile.png )

#5063008 The good way for a junior game programmer to start?

Posted by on 19 May 2013 - 09:16 AM

Hello everyone.


I'm right now in the process of thinking what I want to do and where I want to go.


I'm a "young" (29yo) programmer, specialized in C++, with knowledge of C# and Java. I don't have a field specialization like 3D programmer or IA programmer as I'm curious about all and about everything game related, even what is outside my range of proficiency (like art and music).


I have only one year of experience in a mobile game company (Gameloft), wichturned out producing game patch, bug fixes and stuff, and 2 years of... Self studies and filling out my curiosity on several ideas and project of my own I never really finished.


Now I'm fed up to work alone on those project that I will never be able to conclude by myself. I don't want to do all the game related jobs by myself, like thinking the game design, doing some graphics with my poor skills, and so on. I want to build a career as a game programmer, but I don't know how to really start.


- Should I start with a AAA company to earn my living and meet skilled programmers? I did it with my previous company, the experience was good, but not being part of a core team because I am a junior was kind of disapointing.


- Should I look for an indie based team/company? I think I would gain my experience drilling into the serious stuff, but would an indie team take the risk to hire someone without consistent background as me?


- What else could I do? My main flaw right now is I not really had to work on a full game with a team. I did work in my previous company and a personal project with two other people, but I feel I'm missing all the fun/fullfilling a game programmer could find in his job...


- Also, I listed my skills on my linkedin page here : http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=108161040, does it looks kind of appealing for a company, or do you think I lack something important to have/mention?


To have a better feel of what I did, here is a little blog about my personal project, wich is kind of old now : http://excellenceteam.wordpress.com/


So... That's it. Could you give me advice on how I should start a career?