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Help with writing for a game

05 December 2014 - 09:20 AM

Hi guys!


I'm usually a good enough of a writer, but when writing for games, I have to write in English, which is not my first language, so it turns out harder than expected.


At the moment we're working on a game which have 7 characters, each with his own back-story, which will be revealed to the player in 16 parts. Each part giving a bit more information about the character. Those parts are supposed to be short texts, read by the character himself. I'd appreciate it if you guys can have a look at the first part for the first character's story line, and give your comments / ideas / questions about it.


Just some background before you start reading: the game is a dark fantasy game, with very dark atmosphere. The character we're talking about here is a big burly warrior (almost like a barbarian).


Dirt. I always loved dirt.

Not the way you're thinking about.
I love its purity. Its innocence. Dirt never hurt anyone. Dirt can be trusted.
Dirt sticks to your hands after a long day of working in the sun. Every time. Giving a warm, fun feeling to your hands. And yet -
with just a bit of water - it washes off.
Dirt can be trusted.
Dirt in not human...
I miss my old life. I miss being a farmer. Sometimes I wake up late at night, cold and sweaty, and my hand itches. It itches to
hold a plough once again. Just once more. When that happens, I have to clench my fist, usually over my ax's handle. The ax is
so cold, it removes all though of dirt from my mind. The ax doesn't like dirt. Dirt hurts the ax. The ax only wants one thing: the ax
wants blood.
I usually wake up when that happens, shake the dreams away. There's job to be done, and I left that old life behind me. I used to
be a farmer, but no more. Even if my body hasn't accepted it yet - it's a fact.
I wake up, but I don't touch the ax anymore. The ax is the last thing I pick up before I start my day. Once I pick up that ax - 
there's only one thing to do - I need to fulfill its demands.
And the ax only wants one thing.



Thanks a lot!

Need help with boss ideas

25 September 2014 - 10:02 AM

Hi there,


I'm working on a 2.5D platformer, where you play as a fighter trying to bring down huge monsters. Basically, each level is a single boss fight that lasts through the entire level. If you've ever heard of "Shadow of the colossus" - you know what I'm talking about.




Unlike "Shadow of the colossus" the main attraction of the game is the fact that each boss will be different. In "Shadow of the colossus" the goals were pretty much the same - climb the boss, find his weak spot - and stab it until he drops. I'm trying to create a game where each boss is different and unique, and the process of fighting him is different.


And I need help with boss ideas.


I have 2 examples of bosses I thought of, but I hope you guys can give me some better ideas:

1. Boss 1 will be a huge tall creature. The entire level will be the player's effort to actually climb the boss and reach his head (his weak-spot). All the while, the boss will try to shake him off, while destroying some of the platforms the players is using to jump.

2. Boss 2 will be a huge create - but a round one, and his head will be in the center. While the player tried to climb the boss and reach the center, the boss will rotate from time to time (90, 180, 270 or even 360 degrees). When he does - the player will need to survive the rotation, and climb a completely different path to the top (which may change again any time).


So, think outside the box,and if you have any ideas - I'm waiting eagerly to hear them.




Gaming Magazines

11 February 2013 - 07:39 AM

Anyone has a good list of gaming magazines? Both online and print?

Game Name - need help

03 February 2013 - 08:31 AM

Hi All,

My name is Shay Yizhak and I'm CEO and Lead Programmer for a new indie game studio New Retro Studio. Currently, we're working on our first game, and despite having all of its design finished months ago, we have yet to find it a proper name. So, I'm looking for suggestions.

About the game: it's a space combat sim, resembling Freespace 2, and games like TIE-fighter and X-Wing alliance.

The problem with naming the game is that the setting is not constant. Everything in the game can change: the ships, the story, the characters, the settings and so on. So, we're looking for a general name. One that fits the game, and will fit any type of setting and campaign we use (at the moment, there are 3 planned campaigns, with a linking storyline. More will come later).

Any assistance you guys can give will be greatly appreciated.