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and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

03 February 2013 - 11:38 PM

Hello ;)
Just registered on this site,it looks really good,people giving advice,sharing information,not trolling and etc.
Now as other many users out there,i'm also a newbie wanna-b-developer.
Unfortunately,i have no experience,except playing games and messing around (just a little bit,little little bit) with GameMaker.
I digged deeper and this is what i found.
Since i want to be indie game developer (at least till i can be pro and maybe start thinking about getting a job),i wonder where can i start.
i looked through topics here,checked some other resources.
First of all,it's about programming.I don't have any experience,but i think i can handle it,because from what i see,it's kinda hobby of my life (making games that is).At first i was going to start with C++ as there quite a lot of people who suggest it, it's kinda "main" language on which games are made.But looking through other resources i saw that it might not be the best idea.so i decided to learn another language,a little bit simplier,just to start with,to understand how things work,what it is  to program and so on.since i'll be focusing on 2d games for quite a time,till i am comfortable with programming,sure that i can do that stuff,maybe even sell 1 copy of my game,then i will think about thinking to move to 3D.
the languages World Wide Web suggested me are as follows:
-C++ (still add to this list...)
-Javascript and HTML
now since i don't and won't be surfing and trying to conquer web,i won't be fooling around with HTML or javascript.
but i'm not sure about other ones in the list.
also here's famous list of engines i looked through and i wonder if these are at least Ok to start with:
-Allegro Library
-Flexible Isometric Free Engine

-Ignifuga Game Engine
-IwGame engine



i'm also interested if there are any 3D engines that can be used effectively for making 2d game 

thnx in advance ;)