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Entry Level Programming Jobs

11 January 2015 - 02:47 PM



Please forgive me if this has been answered too many times before.


I am proficient (according to eLance.com) in c++, openGL, Game Development, Data Structures, OOPS, etc.


How may this translate into a full-time position in the games industry, where I live in a town of about 500 people in Canada? What choices do I have, as far as locating a desired position (on both ends), networking with like-minded people, etc.?


A full-page ad online seems to be very effective in finding freelance work with low barrier-to-entry projects, but I'm not sure if it's worthwhile to spend money marketing my services, and if so, which forums would be valuable to an aspiring game programmer.


If there are any lessons to be learned in this area of programming, I'd gladly take the plunge. It just seems like such a wide area of expertise, with no distinct signs pointing in the right direction for someone with the talent, but no inside info on the industry.


Thank you,


Boost c++ How to Deserialize Element of Container

17 December 2014 - 04:37 PM

Hello all!


I've been searching the internet for some time, now, on the topic, and haven't seemed to find anything of value.


The situation at hand, is that I have vectors of objects serialized, using Boost serialization. It works great, and is an effective tool. Although, the larger the files get, the longer they take to load. This is especially painful when you are only looking for a very specific piece (0.001%) of the actual file. What's worse, is that the only way to circumvent it is to have so many different files that it is ridiculous.


What I'd like to do, is, be able to iterate through any container(s) within the file, and load the specific one that I'm looking for.


For example, an object that I am looking for has an ID # of 9289. Then, be able to find the object with that ID # within the file, load it, and use it within my program.


An alternative is to be able to access a known area of the file.


For example, wanting to load the entire 54th vector within the file.


Could somebody please correct me in regards to paragraph #2 here, or lead the way to a better solution?


Thank you in advance,



Optimizing 2D Tile Map

24 November 2014 - 08:45 PM

Hello GameDev community!


How many here have valuable experience with 2D tile maps?


I have a question for you that may be very valuable to any readers of this page, which will give you good opportunity to share your expertise.


The begin, I have what is called here and 'Action Screen,' which loads a matrix of what are called here 'Maps.' Each map is 100 * 100 tiles, which also contain objects (in this implementation).


The Action Screen works great, and allows a player to travel across any number of maps.


The challenge is getting it to save and load maps efficiently. Currently, maps are serialized and deserialized as needed, along with a vector of Tile objects within them. 


Rendering and displaying are both very fast. The challenge currently lies in loading the maps from a directory (which takes a lot of time, due to the number of objects within them).


One solution I've considered is to serialize and deserialize tiles individually, which would work very well for loading, but horribly for saving new maps, which contain unique tiles. Also, that is an ungodly amount of individual files.



Is there anyone out there that might have what it takes to field this one, or some relevant resources?



Thanks in advance!

openGL Help With Map Display

16 November 2014 - 01:59 PM

Hello GameDev.net!


I was curious if you excellent people could help me with my current situation..


I'm developing a game that uses a kind of 'Action Screen' concept, with buttons on the right and left side. My map is displayed in the center of the screen.


I'm wanting to know exactly how to display a portion of my map, with world coordinates which are away from my button area.


ex. My left panel is between coordinates (0, 0) and (10, 50), and my right panel is between coordinates (60, 0) and (70, 50).


My map is displayed between coordinates (100, 100) and (400, 400).


What I want to do, is display an 11*11 "tile" area of my map in between the left and right panels.



Is anyone keen on this type of operation?


Thank you.




Good Boost Serialization Tutorials

05 November 2014 - 01:00 PM



I am attempting to create save/load functions for my current project, using Boost serialization.


There are a few good tutorials out there, each explaining how to write different objects and STL containers.


The situation is, that most of them won't actually complie.


I get errors when using BOOST_SERIALIZATION_SPLIT_MEMBER(), saying that an explicit type name is missing.


I get many, many other compile errors, which is strange, because I'm using identical IDEs and environment setups while using the tutorial code.


Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


Thank you,

Kevin J