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Experience without a degree

06 February 2013 - 04:46 PM

This is my first post in Gamedev forums in a long time, I used to have an account a little over 10 years ago but since forgot the username etc...  I would like to say it's great to see Gamedev is still alive and active and full of the same great content I used to see here.  That being said, I have a tough question that I hope I can get some experienced knowledge and perspective around.


I have been developing web services and web applications for about 10 years now, and I do love coding for a living.  Before actually landing a job in the industry I was coding only as a hobby, and hoping that I could some day trade in my retail job(s) for one in development.  My first language was C++ simply because that's what was taught at my local high-school   From there I toyed with VB, Java, C# and eventually ASP/PHP for web-pages.  I feel I have a solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, software design/enterprise patterns and computer architecture.  All of this I have attained with passion and seeking help from professionals in the field or related fields.  I have taken a total of 5 college classes in my entire life, and while I've always considered going to college a huge benefit, I've never actually made the commitment to go.


Present day I find it very easy to land a development position in web/biz dev. and the compensation is so far fantastic.  That being said, I still find an enormous amount of discrimination by engineers & co-workers who have one (or several) degrees.  I'm not exactly the most secure person, and I've always had a shy personality (with a touch of social anxiety) so I don't exactly brush off co-workers jokes or remarks.  Really it makes me question my situation and assess my goals.


What I want to get some feedback on is this.  Would someone in my position benefit from a Computer Science degree?  I don't want to ask if I would benefit from any degree, because to me this answer is almost always yes.  Other then CSC I have also considered electrical engineering as I would truly want to increase my knowledge of hardware.  I have also had experienced people tell me that I shouldn't worry about a degree and my experience is enough to continue to drive my career.  I understand where they come from, but can this statement really be true?


I try to take it all with a grain of salt, however I have a huge passion for development and want to do the next right thing when it comes to my career.  If you read my entire question, thanks for taking the time, and I appreciate any and all feedback.