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Journal Entries

Shinylane's OpenGL Journal > JS Environment and Testing

Posted 18 December 2015

When I first tried my hand at programming something that employed real time rendering automated testing was not even a thing I was aware of. Sure I was a young lad at the time and had much to learn but the mention of writing a test was absent from any and every article I claimed as a learning resource. Working with web services and business development ha...

Shinylane's OpenGL Journal > I'm sensing a pattern here

Posted 09 December 2015

With this second entry I find myself ecstatic over my own personal introduction to WebGL. This subject gives me the opportunity to invest myself in a new community and it stamps the beginning of a new journey. A journey that will no doubt last as long, if not longer than what I’ve experienced as a software engineer to date. The obstacles in front of me lo...

Shinylane's OpenGL Journal > Bootstrapping with WebGL

Posted 04 December 2015

Why WebGL
A vast majority of my knowledge and experience in software engineering has revolved around web applications development. While most of my professional duties involve back-end development (mostly Ruby), I have more then a fair share of front end web development skills(i.e. JavaScript, CSS(3) and HTML). Prior to my maturity as a developer befo...