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In Topic: Real Time Menu for Game

24 February 2013 - 07:27 PM

There is definitely no pre-built library for that and is something that has to be custom-made.


Is the beach scene a 2D image or a 3D scene? If 3D, you have to already know 3D programming. If 2D, you have to already know 2D programming.


Here's one possible way using gamestates:

Game starts up, or player returns to main menu:

PushGameState(GameState_Menu_Front) //Push the proper page of the menu onto the GameState stack.

PushGameState(GameState_OceanSlideInAndOut) //Push the ocean animation onto the stack over the menu.


When the OceanSlideInOut animation finishes, then it pops itself from the stack, leaving GameState_Menu_Front the topmost state.

GameState_Menu_Front has the menu buttons of the front page of the main menu, including buttons like "Options" and "New Game".


When "Options" is seleted, GameState_Menu_Front pushes "GameState_Menu_Options" and then pushes "GameState_OceanSlideInAndOut" again.

When the GameState_OceanSlideInAndOut is finished, it pops itself leaving GameState_Menu_Options at the top.

GameState_Menu_Options has buttons like, "Video settings", "Sound settings", "Player controls", and so on.


When "Sound settings" is pressed, GameState_Menu_Options pushes "GameState_Menu_SoundSettings" and "GameState_OceanSlideInAndOut" ...

GameState_Menu_SoundSettings also has a button called "Back", or "Return to previous", or whatever. When clicked, instead of pushing the previous GameState (which is already on the stack underneath GameState_Menu_SoundSettings), then it just pops itself, leaving the previous GameState at the top of the stack, and pushes GameState_OceanSlideInAndOut again.


Each gamestate might have Update(deltaTime), Draw(), HandleInput(), or similar functions to handle their own functionality.


That's one way you could handle the logic. Which part of the menu are you specifically having trouble with? The logic? The drawing? The buttons functioning?

It's not the programming. It's HOW do i design the ocean? I know the programming for it, but the animations for it? I'm not necessary sure about that.. I don't know what program would best suit me.

In Topic: Real Time Menu for Game

22 February 2013 - 09:47 PM



I understand. 


Let me explain it further.


I want to make a menu intro where waves wash up onto a beach while cam is faced down on the sand and wash back down leaving behind the options.

Then when an option is clicked, it washes the current menu away and comes back with the new option. I hope this explains the question i'm asking..



Oh, and Sorry! Didn't really understand the concept of Real Time.

In Topic: A couple of noobs who wanna direct the making of a game?

21 February 2013 - 08:00 PM

Okay, so me and my brother are long time gamers and we'd like to direct the making of a 2d game, except we don't have skills in any part of the industry so we'd like to learn more about it without getting too specific.


Basically we want to write the story and direct the making of the game (how it looks and how it plays) over the internet--like a very small virtual studio, except we're the boss men.


Does anyone think this is possible and if it is, what level of complexity of games do you think could be made in this fashion without actually getting a group in the same room?


Thanks for taking the time to view out post.


You would need something to make experienced devs even interested. (Money, and such) 


You should study in a area you would like to work in. (Programming, Modeling, etc.)


You should write out everything you want in your game. 



Then you should begin working on it. 




You could do this all by yourself as 2D Games are much simpler than 3D. 


Good Luck!

In Topic: Real Time Menu for Game

21 February 2013 - 07:54 PM

Essentially just look at the menu as an alternate state for your Update and Draw features.  I.e. If!InMenu - then draw the game, else draw the menu.  Then you have your menu show up as you would any other gameobjects, and your updates/interactions are just focused on presenting the menu now.


If you're talking about a particular engine, like Torque, GameMaker or Unity, there maybe some options to purchase an interesting menu system, but you need to include what engine your talking about.

Thanks, but I'm asking about a real time rendered menu...

In Topic: Real Time Menu for Game

21 February 2013 - 07:53 PM

If you don't know how to make a menu then you don't know how to make a game.

Actually, I do know how to make a menu. This question is for a real time rendering menu...