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what would I need

23 March 2013 - 02:28 AM

I would like to post the main concepts for a game I have designed both here and on a blog. However I am worried that since nothing like it exists and after a lot of research - I have concluded that it is unlikely that this style of attacking/aiming has been done/ is pubically in development. What exactly would I need to do to keep a larger company (or single person pitching to a large company) from taking my ideas and beating me to releasing it resulting in my game just being a clone of the big game company's game? Once I release my game I have no issues with clones of my style appearing, but I do wish for my game to be the first to utalize the concepts I have but I also would enjoy some feedback and motavation on it.

skyline mapping

20 March 2013 - 03:11 AM

I am working on a first person rpg and I was thinking, to greatly increase preseived world size, without the massive issue of rendering objects at a distance, could I not prerender the far off objects and map them to my skydone, having one skyline mapping for every 64000 or so points in my game. I am aware this will cause a slight jumping at the boundries, and slight perspective distortion the further away from the sample point you get, I'm mainly wondering if anyone has heard of this being done, or perhaps someone might have the foresight to tell me why it isn't a good idea to continue looking into.

Incorrect documentation of UpdateSurface

10 February 2013 - 09:13 PM

On the MSDN I was looking for examples of how to draw one image onto another image (and then save the 3rd image for reuse later) for my GUI.

However I came across this example on MSDN and after looking up the UpdateSurface function and staring at it for the longest time.. I am thinking that this is incorrect documentation unless UpdateSurface has an undocumented overloaded function or I am missing something, I was wondering If anyone here could either confirm that this is an incorrect use of UpdateSurface, or perhaps link to an UpdateSurface documentation that allows and explains this behavior?




//The following assumptions are made:
// -d3dDevice is a valid Direct3DDevice9 object.
// -pSource and pDest are valid IDirect3DSurface9 pointers.

RECT  rcSource[] = {  0,  0,  50,  50,
                     50, 50, 100, 100 };
POINT ptDest[]   = {  0,  0, 150, 150 };

d3dDevice->UpdateSurface( pSource, rcSource, 2, pDest, ptDest);