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Event System like RPG Maker?

13 February 2013 - 09:53 PM

I had been making an event system, things are fine, my code work fine, but now i stuck on a conceptual idea

how would i implement the conditional branch dynamically?

I cant seem to find a good way to code it that make use efficiently of space, and having multiple if at once


So far, the best thing that i could come up with was to have an int* ConditionBranch[somenumber] , which when checked, if it return a value that isnt zero, it will point to a Condition (assuming a class Condition that was declared as Condition myCondition[somenumber]). But, if i do it like that, then there would only be 1 if, (because it only check for 1 thing at a time).


I cant figure out a way to code it so that it allow an else statement, else if statement


any help would be appreciated.